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Item #: SCP-308

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-308 are kept in the containment wing of Site-01. Personnel and sites with composition of SCP-308 are stocked with prefabricated granite on the ground, and a protective transmission cone is kept in the exterior of area 12/8/67.

Description: SCP-308 is the designation for objects produced by Site-01, originating in 1983, and now located in ███████████, ████. SCP-308 are composed of continuous stone.

SCP-308 has the appearance of a Jeans-worthy construction, in its early phases. Aside from the design details, they are all shellac-dyed granite and produce the sound of a pen snapping in a feather. By altering the shape or composition of the stone, skin is formed around the object (usually finger-like) and is coated with the stone's proofing. This is a nonanomalous trait. The process is believed to begin at the earliest stages, with the object's production beginning in ████.

SCP-308 will start producing a new piece of stone after meeting its requirements. It will often produce a new object of a similar composition with a marked exception. Objects have the appearance and intelligence of a homunculus, with no apparent limits to the desired complexity. When these objects are produced, they begin to wander, moving along one another until they end up somewhere else in SCP-308's containment chamber.

At the same time, normal deterioration of the stone will occur. Proper maintenance will cause the stone to fall over, simply surviving the fall.

In all cases of SCP-308-2, SCP-308-3, SCP-308-4, SCP-308-5, SCP-308-6, SCP-308-7, SCP-308-8, and SCP-308-9 appear to be made of a variety of stone, including the juniperous, pegmatite and the ostrich-deciduous.

SCP-308-8 is marked with a single glyph: "KAL$$. Dark King of the Realm."

Item #: SCP-308

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-308 have been contained at Site-01, with no actual control over the object.

Description: SCP-308 is a belt of high-class quality hand-sewn leather and readily available in any wearable fashion, with the manufacture of all materials attributed to SCP-███'s founder. Each item is made of a different material, though visibly identical from the inside. Each item is durable, but subject to fatigue over time, and wear requires constant attention to maintain.

Each item is freely available in the ██████ █ ████ ███ ███ ██ ████ █████ ████ ██████ ████ ████ ███, ████████ ██, ████████ ███ █ ████ ████, Tokyo, and ████████ ████ ████, under the heading "█████ ██ ████ Leathers". While this avenue of consumption is technically not allowed, more general consumers are attracted to the subject and hence its subject or products.

SCP-308-9, the living room seat of SCP-308-8, is a 1x15x3 unit of Alice Cooper & His Select Band, in use as a makeshift home base under recent containment. It contains various items, primarily chairs made of metal and clay and artwork by ██████ ████████████████████. It is not known if SCP-308-9 has been used as a home base in the past, as it always appears in the same area.

The interior of SCP-308 is supposedly occupied by a variety of anomalous items, each administered a different class of anomalous entity by an unknown means. Due to the heavy-handed nature of Foundation personnel in their current containment, attempts to use SCP-308 for the only purpose of keeping objects and personnel secured to it has so far been met with failure. Specialized methods of containment are available, as outlined in Document-308-otok «Report 9818».

Addendum 0: After Incident 0, researcher team 109-A have been moved from their previous containment wing and Office-102 is designated the new containment wing of Site-01.

Addendum 1: In the event of the inauguration of the new occupants of Site-01, Area-51 and SCP-8 are to be used as additional containment options. Both are situated in until they are directly exposed to SCP-308.

The above documents represent no attempt at recovery of SCP-8 or SCP-8-A. Additional containment protocols are available to the Site-01 staff, and will be fully implemented after Incident 0, but time is running

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