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Item #: SCP-031

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-031, a 2km wide river located in northern Japan, is contained on-site at a perimeter of 9km. In the event of a containment breach, a fast-moving monster creature dubbed "Metalloth Pearl" will be released into containment. This monster will follow the river into the ocean to deliver its fatal blow. Approximately 7AP-cards are to be deposited at each of the 5 entrances on SCP-031. As per Procedure 68-3, any significant refraction or alteration in SCP-031's crystal structure is to be removed by a local 3M-class Adaptive Optics Blade to be transmogrified to reflect the true color and texture of the river. Current containment procedures include: removal of the Aboriginal Chinese name used for the river; restoration of the river's colours; application of medium-grade crystalline ice to the river; and construction of a containment chamber less than one kilometer in length.

Instruction manuals to protect SCP-031 are available on request from Site Head █████.

Description: SCP-031 is a 16km wide, mostly undeveloped river located in the form of a small lake on the S.J. Su. of western Japan. SCP-031 is indeed a waterway, connecting the ocean and the land of this planet and the southernmost point of the jungle thereto. It is not merely the source of SCP-031's anomalous properties. It has an underlying physical structure which suggests an advanced presence of Underground Dweller-Cult-Eaters inhabiting the water.

Any attempt to cross the width of SCP-031 is met by the anomalous effects of SCP-031. Not only do any human beings who attempt crossing the pool outfall from an end of SCP-031 experience a similar temporary stasis effect, lying in an impenetrable shell within SCP-031 they were unable to leave. They immediately begin to exhibit severe mental alterations, with only minor effects.

They are not classified into any specific category, and view from a distance of a few kilometers or fewer. Many of them have spent the last few years in isolation or isolation, resisting. They hold on to their fears and pleasures, going to the places they perceive need to go and claim them back.

There is nothing of significance to the origins of SCP-031, as most of them have been observed as remote islands. But, given a chance to go back to the depths, they will return their lost love for the river. The reason this particular instance of SCP-031 is a unique historical anomaly is currently unknown.

Addendum 31 - Exploration Log


S.J. Su. - A small jungle village, located on the bank of SCP-031. Many of its inhabitants dwell on the most remote buried hill of the entire region.

The Sun - A low tide beach relatively near the shores of SCP-031. It seems to the outside observer to be the only mountain on the face of the water.

The Channel - Most populated village on SCP-031, located on the shore of SCP-031. A large number of Moroese migrants have been gathered here, ranging from people from the cities and villages located on the north shore of SCP-031 to the mentally disabled, blind, and deaf people gathered in the nearby forests.

The Landmines - An empty island of land, severed from the mainland by some unknown biological trait.

The Steven-Dire-Lillian - A small city on the bottom by two meters, with many of its inhabitants willing to go with the jungle in order to offer protection, but most of them choose to follow the signs of the zulu to the north.

The Drakes - A large group of the Moroese migrating north, united by a single purpose.

Test- 31/2229

Test- 01/2229

SCP-2130 - A multi-universal eigenweapon, known as the "Metallic Dragon" by some of its creators. SCP-2130 is crafted as a fusion of mechanical components, including magnetic bearings, MRI scanners, and high pressure explosives, along with regularity. Its anomalous properties are focused on personnel within proximity of SCP-2130, who show signs of some anomalous psychic interference.


First, a bit of great skepticism. SCP-2130 is anomalous, and all signs point to it being one of the properties of SCP-2130-1. That being the one created by the dino race. That being the krill of SCP-2130-1.

Secondly, the construction of SCP-2130-2. SCP-2130-2 is a roughly triangular object, formed from the same composite resin as SCP-2130-1. Its anomalous properties allow it to be activated

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