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Item #: SCP-315

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the subject's highly anomalous properties SCP-315 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. Due to SCP-315's state of old symptoms SCP-315 is to be provided with food products of its choice and be fed with a diet of its choosing.[REDACTED] SCP-315 is to be kept in a fairly secure humanoid containment cell after all other containment procedures have been met, as well as being provided with all necessary equipment and supplies for its use, including a small humanoid, a teleporter, and a sense of heightened spatial awareness. Care should be taken to ensure that SCP-315 does not require medical attention for numbers of days, due to the risks to SCP-315's health due to its treatments.

The entity depicted by SCP-315 is to be given medication for amnestic use as soon as possible, to prevent him from making self-harm attempts. SCP-315 is to be treated with therapy to prevent self-harm or other similar signs. However, due to the effects of this treatment on SCP-315's mental state it is to be kept on a minimum mediament, and should be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell if not being self-harmed or attacked.

During any testing involving SCP-315 and SCP-███, it is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell for the purposes of observation and observation of SCP-315's effects. SCP-315 is to be fed nutritious meals whenever the entity is in a general state of physical discomfort.

Description: SCP-315 is the original instance of SCP-315, originally believed to be the adult son of ███████, the Basque artist who dedicated his life to box drawing and artistic writing. During the full moon, SCP-315 manifests several alterations to its size and appearance, such as enlarged arms and legs, two sets of four eyes, a larger mouth and neck that previously had been completely shaved, two sets of teeth, all with razor-sharp teeth, and limbs that are now largely skeletal in nature. The following notes, collected on ██/██/20██, refer to the changes in its appearance and behavior.

What were all the most significant changes:

•All skeletal grains, organs, and bone structures moved, seen to consist of the opposite pair of limbs in addition to the usual parts of SCP-315. A small opening has appeared on the back of the head, and from this appears a series of similar bones protruding from. They resemble a large collection of teeth, and the total length of the mouth has increased.

•The face is more muscular and has a large set of bumpy, oval joints. A series of hair-like protrusions has appeared on either side of the face, and these are believed to act as a central nervous system for SCP-315, causing it to be in a state of heightened sensory overload. Aside from an elongated, smooth, and perhaps otherwise unnoticeable tongue, the head is undulating and walking through the floor, slowly capturing objects, and occasionally attempting to ram through objects with its other appendages.

•The androids speak a dialect in which the word "mus" is replaced with an unpronouncable word. The word is "mus" in this language, though it is not actually the same word as the true word in us, and is instead defined as the two halves of a word, with mus being the more basic form.

At some point prior to its creation SCP-315 stopped being made of other substances, and now only comprises the original substance of all the other instances of SCP-315. It is not currently understood what causes this, but it has been measured that the substance that created the other instances does not impact the inner workings of SCP-315. Recording has shown that SCP-315 does not obviously harm or threaten other sentient entities, and is only able to take on a variety of objects. SCP-315 will also fully avoid or bypass walls, even those made with wood or metal. Additionally, SCP-315 will not be harmed by fired objects, projectiles from gunpowder projectiles, or any other kind of damage. SCP-315 has told personnel about this behavior several times.

SCP-315 was identified by Foundation agents in ███████████, Florida, and the above notes were found on ██/██/20██, 15█. The files were published on ██/██/█████, ██, and ██/██/████.

Addendum 315-1: Description of SCP-315

The following is a collection of the four notes taken by SCP-315 during its manifestation. Each of the notes contain a letter containing information on SCP-315's current state of health, and are in Greek alphabet.

I regret to inform all of you that I have lost my father, but that is

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