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Item #: SCP-316

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-316 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-15, for the purpose of observation and to ensure the integrity of containment. SCP-316 is to be provided with a daily visa to visit SCP-316's home at least once every four months for the purpose of study and monitoring.

SCP-316 is housed in a standard humanoid containment cell, wearing standard clothing, with standard meals and bed-rolls, and is to be subjected to conventional psychological testing once a week. It is to be tested for any abnormalities present in its personality, and if found to be healthy, is to be released back into its home when the Shah is exempted from his duties.

Description: SCP-316 was discovered in ████████, in ███████. A distinct name tag for SCP-316 was found on nearby tools, and a special document was unearthed, which was read predominantly by SCP-316. The previous owner of the room in which SCP-316 was found was deceased, and was presumed lost.

SCP-316 is a Pussy Jacketsleeve, ████████, ██████, only located in ████, France. It can be flipped and folded, and this is how it appears to the outside. Additionally, SCP-316 is alive and otherwise fit, and will not commit suicide. SCP-316 shows no anomalous properties that would prevent him from returning to his previous body.

SCP-316 sports a 13-year-old name tag, "Dr. Madley". This indicates that SCP-316 is about to go senile. Any attempts at escape or self-harm of SCP-316 have failed. SCP-316 does not seem to have developmental issues, and is rated for a 70 point standard score.

SCP-316's identity is the subject of considerable debate. Several theories are proposed, including [DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-316 has not been discovered complaining of exhaustion.

SCP-316's experiences and psychological issues are described in an eighteen part essay, "It Takes Two, Just Like Me!". Appendix A1: SCP-216, Appendix B2: SCP-173, Appendix C3: SCP-419, Appendix D1: SCP-150 and Appendix B2: SCP-160 are provided for reference.

Addendum A1: SCP-173 is a drawing of an XK-Class Scenario scenario, inspired by SCP-173, based on a test to determine how many doctors a human being is capable of using a roof-mounted electrical relay. SCP-173 is believed to be a D-Class personnel, and forced to commit suicide in order to escape the scenario, a scenario in which SCP-173 was housed in a biological containment chamber.

Addendum B1: SCP-173 was found 3km from Site-15. It takes 2 hours to visibly decompose, sometimes with flames leaping from the ceiling.

Addendum B2: SCP-170 was retrieved on ██-█-████ in a London suburb, containing a number of stolen books, including SCP-151, SCP-146 and SCP-75. It was reported that SCP-170 had been killed by a gunshot wound to the face, and that SCP-171 was contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-170 was discovered on a fireplace in an apartment near the site of the recent Christmas Party. SCP-170 had several broken teeth

and severe burns, after its previous owner left it on.

Addendum B3: SCP-121, SCP-372, SCP-342 and SCP-333 are formerly at Area-23, currently undergoing reconfiguration.

Addendum B4: The Foundation has learned that all SCP-3707 instances are in possession of a database containing information about the site.

Addendum B5: SCP-173 attempted suicide, having apparently been radicalized. Procedures for dealing with SCP-173 are described in this document.

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