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Item #: SCP-321

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-321 is to be sealed off from public access at all times, to prevent any unauthorized persons from accessing it. Access to SCP-321 is to be restricted to L2 only. Whenever SCP-321 is observed, L2 is to evacuate as quickly as possible and give up control of SCP-321.

Description: SCP-321 is a core region of an area of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Atlantic Ring of Fire, located on the northernmost limit of the Great Barrier Reef. Its existence is most commonly seen in its manifestation during the annual Cumulonization event. The reason for the occurrence of these events is unknown. Therefore, it is currently under lockdown.

Discovery Log

SCP-321 was discovered in March, 1996, when many items are believed to be missing from M█████ ████████, ██, following an incident in which a crew of ██████ ████ was found missing. As the owner was reported missing, a Foundation task force was sent to investigate whether he was missing.

Unable to locate Foundation agents from any of the surrounding islands, the Foundation was able to obtain the location of the remaining crewmembers. A large number of ships and persons of Interest were discovered onboard each of these ships, including many from the █████████ sent to retrieve SCP-████.

The Foundation has been unable to locate any of the missing persons or their ships. The only survivors from the █████████ islands and the ████████, █████████, and █████████ are currently living in █████████. All other sailors have been treated with amnestics, and the final cause for [REDACTED]. Several small groups of previously active Foundation vessels have been salvaged from the wreckage, and restored.

One ship, █████′s ██, is currently in Foundation custody. Reports of sightings of █████ █████ in the surrounding islands suggest that pilot flights of Foundation aircraft regularly pass across the area throughout the year. One news report mentioning a sighting outside a local hospital declared █████ suddenly to have disappeared, with no explanation given. SCP-321 has provided no further information on the whereabouts of this ship.

All other ships of the █████████ region are currently under Foundation control.


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