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Item #: SCP-322

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-322 is to be kept in a standard human containment cell in Site 110 at all times. Testing with SCP-322 to determine if it can be permanently contained within a standard humanoid containment cell is to continue indefinitely. Upon discovery of this anomaly, no specific containment procedures are to be followed.

Description: SCP-322 is a two-page essay titled "Why the Firing of Norman Reedus Matters To Me." In the preface, Dr. D. Raymond asserts that his article is entitled "Man Against Tech." In the center of the text of the essay is a large photograph of the American actor, actor and many other notable individuals mentioned throughout his career. However, the text is physically no longer in front of Dr. Raymond, replaced by a large, rectangular folder with a series of photographs.

The folder consists of photos drawn from his personal collection. In this folder are two pages, labeled "C. E. Cook Book, Rock-A-Lock & Pipe Smoker" and "Mario. Canes. Kiss. (Not really a poetry reference, but still). Asking. For. Chances. Where." Additionally, the score of these photos is audible in all photos, which can be listened to by personnel listening to the photos.

SCP-322 was discovered in an apartment in Santa Monica, California. The apartment was an abandoned brick apartment, but it had been turned into a research centre, with SCP-322 found sitting on the floor of the room. Also found were a phone number (which was disconnected) and a set of books that had not been read during his life (some descriptions call them "lidless, non-chronological fiction"), and a wooden stool with multiple handles, each with a poem attached to the handle.

The book also contains a book titled "The Fold", which describes a scientist who was previously SCP-372-2, and whose name has not been determined to be original since SCP-372-2 was actively trying to write himself. The section of the book contained the following:

An "average" man in a library (by the way, the library is called a Library, in an established state). An older grandfather (of whom the page is written with no fiction). A "specialist" (note: explained in a place of a quote). A few texts of great length (to write? or to that of?), and a "neat" pile (anachronistic pieces collected, transcribed & edited & inserted for the purposes of educational purposes, with explanatory notes printed in the upper right corner). The "greatest" pile in the room (SCP-721-A). A pile of books on "silicon" technology. A pile. A pile.

The inscriptions are in an unknown, slightly warped language. The content of the "neat" pile consists of letters, words, titles, hashtags, and one large number a poem or tales. The "open" pile consists of code (pseudo-code?) with the title "STUPID WONDERFUS!" and a list of possible ways to "poop" the words and punctuation that "popped" (a bit of an edification) and an explanation of the meaning of each word. A small section is specifically about SCP-721-A and SCP-721-B.

SCP-322-A, by far, the strangest and most incriminating, comes in a box with an explanation for the duplication of SCP-736, SCP-722-B, SCP-724-A ((texts varies, but the function of SCP-724/726 is the same as it) and a couple of books on "historical" technology. This "history" section, like this "poop" section, is where things currently stand in the world; SCP-322 is the first person in our first full timeline to have any knowledge of SCP-736.

Although the "history" section is not particularly fruitful, it contains several small tales on various articles. The number of such tales are hard to measure in relation to any article on the site itself, but roughly the same amount of thought as an entire novel.

The "history" section also contains a series of "minutes of the little old man", each of which concerns an article from a different timeline or timeline altogether. Although of the nature of SCP-736, these minutes are not written to the letter on the page.

The minutations of SCP-736-B are fairly straightforward:

•SCP-736-B-A: SCP-736-B is still reading D-100002 (The Mother of All Sorts, apparently), the author of D-100001 on the Foundation network. He is currently on tour where he is performing some "

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