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Item #: SCP-323

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-323 is to be contained in a storage locker with a flat polyester cover to prevent damage caused by its actions. The containment locker is to be stocked with red chalk and a light gauge. Dr. Knapp is to be provided with access to SCP-323 whenever needed.

Description: SCP-323 is a brown bandage that does not have a band on it. The bandage is invisible and has a pale pink tint. Inside is a machine that produces a formulaic piece of metal. Its innards are black and appears to be made of copper.

SCP-323 is capable of hallucinating objects that its wearer touches. When a subject turns on the bandage, the object is synthesized. This result was retrieved with the help of a few Foundation researchers and a Chinese garbage collector.

SCP-323 was recovered in █████████ ██, China after it was discovered that certain objects made of metal-related materials had been desicised. Standard organic materials would age and lose their color, whereas copper would retain color and function. Five examples of this happen are listed below.

•SCP-████ (+1)

•SCP-████ (+2)

•SCP-████ (+3)

•SCP-████ (+4)

•SCP-████ (+5)

•SCP-████ (+6)

•SCP-████ (+7)

•SCP-████ (+8)

•SCP-████ (+9)

•SCP-████ (+10)

•SCP-████ (+11)

SCP-323 is capable of healing any damage to the wearer. It is also capable of regenerating lost material whenever it is injured. This self-repairing method is similar to the physiology of animal cells, but is carried out with the aid of some special properties.

SCP-323 was found wandering through ██████████, ██████████, ██████████, with a body partially in a suicide note. It was discovered after finding various items of unknown origin in the materials. SCP-323 was found in a garbage bag with a note reading "The ground outside you always feels cold, and that's my fault".


Following Incident Kraft-Gemini-4, SCP-323 was contained and observed to day, 12/██/20██. The following is a collection of sample eyes.

SCP-323 was found in ██████████████████████ with [REDACTED] sagging and dirty. The region is covered in vegetation, and appears to be small woodland. The object was found crying, and the area is advised against contact. Testing is ongoing.

Subject: [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-323, wearing a shirt and pants, carries a small child. It holds the child by the hands and/or arms and runs towards the child. The subject has no lower body, and appears to have a size and strength not associated with any past incarnations. When the subject approaches the child, the child starts screaming. The subject uses its hands to push the child back, and the child died at the hands of the subject.

Subject: [REDACTED]

Description: [REDACTED]

Status: ███████████████████████

Notes: ███████████████ did not require containment for more than three weeks. SCP-323 appears to have some psychological issues of its own.

Subject: [REDACTED]

Description: [REDACTED]

Status: ███████████████████████

Notes: ███████████████ was destroyed.

Subject: [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-323 appears to be a young child, dressed in a large wool hat. When it is not wearing a hat, it is presumed to be wearing a field jacket with a leather belt. Prior to its containment, it seemed to be in an affair with a woman in a hospital gown. Subject was reported to have been crying and acting erratically when placed in contact with a woman's eye.

Status: ´Ω-Scheduled for Site ██-█ to be unassailable


Status: ∩-Scheduled for Site ██ to be unassailable


Status: ████████████████ ████████ ██ ███████ ██████ ████████, ███████████████


Status: ∩-Scheduled for Site ██-█ to be unassailable


Status: ∩-Scheduled for Site ██.


Subject: [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-323 is a large, auburn coin bearing the SCP logo, as well as a serial number. Stock numbers of "It" brands appear on the sides. SCP-323 appears to also have the serial

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