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Item #: SCP-324

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-324 is extremely unlikely to manifest an anomalous effect, Site-129 has been set up to track its movements via GPS. Guards are to be stationed in Camp 51 of Site 79, to provide security for the object.

When asked to leave the camp area, members of the team are to stay with SCP-324 in order to prevent it from interfering with them.

Description: SCP-324 appears to be a normal white, multi-juralied black beetle at first glance, with a vague resemblance to a pine beetle. However, it acts much like an everyday beetle in appearance, with an additional wingspaw, digestive system, and sensory organs not shown in other depictions of the organism.

SCP-324 seems to be unable to regenerate lost limbs and/or nerves of any kind. The only way to apparently generate new limbs and nerves is to be placed on a pile of organic tissues that were lost during its last lifecycle. Despite that, it can only produce new limbs and nerves once a day (up to three times a day), and is in fact more interesting than most members of its species.

History: SCP-324 has been seen to have existed as previously unknown non-anomalous clades of SCP-324, and historical evidence attests that SCP-324 was originally a member of the stockhorn beetle Xenopus, previously known as the Spanish lump cricket beetle.

The Coleoptera clade containing SCP-324 is full of uncolored and complex crests, called the "cultrums", created and maintained by SCP-324 despite not appearing in historical records. The crests are composed of various organic material (for example, organic matter of the body, grass, leaves, and fruit) and represent "legends" of SCP-324, most notably the appearance of an altered shape of SCP-324 when it was placed in a compost bin. To date, the only known example of SCP-324 is the crests of the clade itself.

Class-0: SCP-324-1

Description: SCP-324-1 is an eight million tonne large, non-anomalous, aggregated asteroid-like object that appears to be neither an asteroid nor moon. It is composed of several aggregated objects, including several bits of glass, various unreachable objects or creatures, and various materials combined into one space. These aggregated objects are capable of miming non-anomalous, extraterrestrial objects and/or places of activity. Though SCP-324-1 is extremely unlikely until it has been observed flying out of the solar plane, it does not appear to pose any danger to the Foundation or any other astrological organization.

When SCP-324-1 is disturbed, it no longer uses its wing, but instead appears to fly around the object, moving through its various structures and inserting itself into any material present on the ground that would seem to be a Colossal Nowhere. It then releases itself into the environment and reappears, flying through each structure and entity excepting SCP-324.

To date, all instances of SCP-324-1 have flown through vehicles used to carry objects of significance or places of significant importance. SCP-324-1 has been seen to fly through walls, buildings and objects, several times intersecting Foundation agents as they tried to halt an instance of SCP-324-1 from flying away from personnel. SCP-324-1 has been noted to be able to destroy objects or places once not blocked by the objects. SCP-324-1 has displayed no particular purpose, other than to be able to fly freely outside of the confines of SCP-324-1, and are to be considered a Keter-class instance for would-be advocates for SCP-324, if the object was seen as too dangerous to bring into the Foundation's custody.

Following Incident 324-D, it is estimated that SCP-324-1 is an approximate 6,000,000km piece of land. Foundation personnel are to not approach the area of the land, as no method to prevent SCP-324-1 from landing on it has been found.

About enquiry

To be completed:

•No anomalous objects.

•All reports of SCP-324-1 flying outside of SCP-324 in the course of containment are to be immediately investigated by Foundation agents, with the exception of the report from Incident 324-D.

Addendum: Due to SCP-324's reputation, the Foundation has been prohibited from exfiltration of normal materials containing SCP-324-1.

Addendum: Interview log:



Dr. Barret: Since SCP-324 appears to contain the "legends" of

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