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Item #: SCP-325

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Assets have been hired to track the SPC-90 incident down, and possibly prevent it from occurring in the future. IHS has been tasked with disseminating information to the public about the event, and in the event that an attack occurs, IHS will engage any and all standard Foundation assets immediately.

Description: SCP-325 is a massive meteorite (the size of a football field) accelerated to a velocity over one hundred and fifty km/h. It was discovered on February ██, 2013 amid the wreckage of an IHS-owned telephone line. The property lying within the crater was reported to have remained intact for approximately a year prior to the initial discovery.

Note: The Telephone Termination Protocol was implemented by the ████████ ██████ ████████ Department of Health and Safety on March of ██, 18██. The minor side effects of this protocol were contained by O5-█, resulting in the destruction of ████████ ███████ Hospital's ████ floor.

All IHS customers who have frequented Site-███'s █████████ area library have experienced systematic overdoses of the [DATA EXPUNGED]. Victims of this case include:

•A partial copy of [DATA EXPUNGED].

•D-Class personnel who did not exist at the time of the recovered substance, which collapsed upon contact. They did not die as due to a medical emergency.

•Agent █████, who was stationed at Site-███, who abruptly died in a car crash. His body was torn from the inside and found in the front seat of a small pickup truck the day after.

•Agents █████, ██████, and ████, who were asleep in the room when SCP-325 was discovered.

•Agent ████████, who was in the cafeteria for ~30 minutes, suddenly died of a heart attack. No other internal injuries reported, and SCP-325 was present in Site-███ for at least 40 minutes before Agents ████████, ████████, and ██████ entered the cafeteria.

Note: All positive reports of SCP-325 have so far been posted on Site-███'s ████████-█████ ████████ █████ section.


Addendum-325-3: The following is a list of known users who have died of SCP-325. All of these users were presently expressing a desire to leave Site-███.

•Agent ████████, who was either attempting to access █████ █████'s common area terminal, or was attempting to jump in front of a moving vehicle.

•Agent ████████, who was performing standard containment duties.

•Agent ██████, who was sleeping in his room and found himself burning inside his room.

•Agent ██████, who had been preparing to recover SCP-███.

•Agent ██████, who had suddenly become agitated. Apparently itching to get another animal to hunt. Unable to be restrained by guards as he fled the room.

•Agent ████████, who was sitting in his room when SCP-325 struck.

•Agent ████████, who was preparing a lunch. Agent ████████ died from multiple gunshot wounds before suffering the effects of the substance, which temporarily elevated his back into a chair. Ohr noted this state had occurred three minutes prior to Agent ████████'s death.


Addendum-325-4: Site-███ Guards were notified to the scene on February ██, 2015, shortly after Agent ███████'s death. Site-███ was evacuated for the duration of this event. Due to the discovery of SCP-325 though a significant amount of SCP-███, all Foundation personnel are forbidden from being in close proximity to SCP-325.




The following is a list of known users who had been in close proximity to SCP-325. The user or SCP-325 will not share a user ID with any other user. The Foundation will be attempting to recover each user, and bring them to Site-███ for containment, as well as any other devices offsite.

•Agent ██████, who had just arrived at Site-███. Agent ██████ had just been asleep in his room, and had fallen asleep in his bed. Agent █████ had been positioned in a corner of the room, and had fallen asleep in his bed. Agent ████████ and Agent ████████ had just left their rooms, and had not left their beds

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