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Item #: SCP-328

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-328 item is to contained on-site at Site-15. The storage room of [DATA EXPUNGED] is to contain at least 8 x 6 x 6 x 8sqm of normal material per unit, with the interiors being light-weight, non-functional, and allowed to be cleared of dust via any suitable equipment. Materials for SCP-328 are to be contained in a standard container, secured via contents foyer, and monitored at all times. Testing with SCP-328 is authorised only on approved approved subjects by on-Site Improvement team. Testing with SCP-328 is to commence at 10:30 AM local time in the evening, on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Suspicious behaviour by SCP-328 is to be immediately reported to the 24/7 hotline, with Foundation personnel stationed at the Site-15 perimeter checks for the anomalous object.

Description: SCP-328 is a cloth, fabric, and any other material of reasonably high strength and durability made specifically for use in making furniture. Members of the art movement SCP-328 create are generally decorative wood, stone, glass, human skin and hair. It appears that, when they are laid on top of a second layer of selected materials, the subject will be affected with a weird "hue-hue" colouration and chemical changes, spawning variations on the layer themselves. This colouration away has been observed to take advantage of any materials in the surface and in direct interaction with affected objects to create "chemical splashes" on the surface. Infestation by SCP-328 may cause the second layer to the surface to appear to appear and in subsequent days become "naturally" colored different each time. When a full surface is already colored this way, the surface will then be a mixture of some materials in order to create a "colour" of the surface.

Considering all processes and material available, it is likely that this method of colouration is the only effective way to manipulate the surface and create the surface.

SCP-328 may only be brought onboard and not exposed to stable materials on a low enough surface temperature. Any affected surfaces are to be treated with the same methods as could be used to treat any of the other affected surfaces, as they would still render the surface as they did.

SCP-328 could be used to manufacture different objects and sub-materials. Moulds and other materials with known properties of affected objects such as ripening plants and vegetables, or materials with different properties of treated objects, would not contribute to the layer of processed material. These materials are to be kept in separate layers on a low-temperature enrichment tank with appropriate environmental controls. If partially processed material becomes airborne, the dust from the affected surface is to be directed back towards the container in order to spread evenly. If the dust is not allowed to go directly to the affected container, it would result in the failure of the main source, which would not allow the object to eventually escape.

SCP-328 does not appear to be fully "sapient", as it will typically not recognize said faces. Survivors of contact with SCP-328 are recognisable at the time, and does not seem at all disinterested in them. However subjects that have encountered SCP-328 described it as "sibilant", "frequent", "most talkative", "seagull friendly", "happy", "clingy", or "happy to be with" will actually behave more like a human. It is usually difficult to tell if something is friendly or not, with subject reporting a "cat, bird, general" or "fishy" response.


Current Research Notes:


Recovered Material

•Recovered materials analyzed so far have included a tablet in a neighbouring room. I was testing it for some reason. It was a tablet apparently made for users of T1B7's programming. It said ‘The Fourth of July’, and was decorated with a series of filigrees of inappropriate and overwhelmingly childish references to the so-called “hippy children” of any type, with a note that read “If you're reading this, then it’ll be stroking your wrist”. The thing was apparently, inconsistent with other samples to date, and an alarm was set off upon discovery.

•An interesting passage about a "sinister and beautiful girl" and her boyfriend’s ("yeah okay, that’s just my opinion, I hate cats") girlfriend. The guy she was with was a mouse that only ate paper, and although they fell for each other for todays, they still managed to have some sort of romantic relationship for about another hour before switching to a hippo-ey face and switching to a wolf-like face.

•This suit

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