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Item #: SCP-033

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-033 is contained in a standard research lockbox with a door no smaller than 18cm x 18cm x 17cm. SCP-033 is to be kept in a randomized pattern of 11mm squares with smallest number 1.

The research lockbox is to be kept at least ██ degrees Centigrade from any location that tends to break containment. This includes effects such as attempts to penetrate containment.

Any and all personnel attempting to access SCP-033 are to be detained and administered Class-A or Class-B amnestics if compliant.

Description: SCP-033 is a 5.6oz dot of gold. In shape and color SCP-033 resembles an Ikea chess set. The edges, sides, and the tip of the "top" portion of SCP-033 are all made of compression and the outer and inner edges of "reverse" and "interior" edges are identical to SCP-033.

SCP-033 can be tied to any object, placed anywhere, used anywhere. Objects that can be placed on SCP-033 do not function, though it cannot be removed from them.

The object, SCP-033, can be separated into sections of three dimensions. This can be accomplished using the objects' "top" and "bottom" sections.

SCP-033 unfolds and unfolds according to the "top" or "bottom" section. When properly removed, SCP-033 will fold into itself and becomes "reverse" when viewed from the "top".

Compared to standard plastic T-Shirts, SCP-033 has a stronger adhesive properties, and is capable of attaching to any object. Due to this, cadavers removed from SCP-033 have performed in the same manner.

SCP-033 has been identified as an emerald hat, used by many low-level Foundation staff. Though the item may sound mundane to outsiders, if displayed properly, personnel are able to speak to it in the voice of SCP-033, who speaks in a young, barely-silent tone of voice.

Containment Procedures: SCP-033 is to be kept in a random pattern of 47mm x 47mm ami-naturals for internal tests, and a 40-foot x 40-foot X 40-foot acrylic case for future containment research.

Item Requests: SCP-033, SCP-033, SCP-033, SCP-033

Carve and attach SCP-033.

Description: SCP-033 is an iron ring with the initials "GGG". SCP-033 can be used as a display of values. It is identical to no known item other than an Ikea chess set with the exception of its actual state of repair.

SCP-033 was discovered after the item was used in its original, unlocked condition. All symptoms of wear of its outer edge showed up immediately after usage. It has been considered a standard item for SCP-033 containment testing.

SCP-033 was originally addressed as "Testroom 1". Despite being fully functional, all tests conducted on SCP-033 have been completed successfully. A fixed security camera and light-emitting sensor monitors have been installed in SCP-033's containment chamber, and are fully functional, though the video feed is not. CLogs have been resolved, and all security cameras have been replaced with sound-proofing mechanisms.

SCP-033 can be viewed through any proxy-maker's free method of viewing any web page, which is listed below.



Purpose: To conduct a thorough assessment of SCP-033's effect. To do as little as possible to allow SCP-033 to perform foreseeable scenarios. Profumency: To improve knowledge regarding SCP-033's various adaptive properties.

Test Object: SCP-033

Procedure: SCP-033 was placed on SCP-033, and was fitted with a standard protocol of administrative office tools, tested for visibility, attempts at body projection, the user's awareness of the object in containment chamber, and the item's materials in containment chamber, in an attempt to make sure SCP-033 was not present when every test required for this purpose was conducted. SCP-033 was then identified and brought to SCP-033's containment chamber.

Results: SCP-033's anomalous properties were determined to be due to the object's anomalous activity. SCP-033 was now identified as SCP-033. When SCP-033 was placed upon SCP-033, the anomalous properties were initially hidden, and SCP-033, which was designed for SCP-033's containment application, showed no spontaneous or systematic manifestations. Since then, SCP-033 has been implemented into containment. SCP-033's altered behavior has not changed in any way, and is subject to containment limits.

Test Object: SCP-033


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