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Item #: SCP-034

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-034-1 is contained within a standard humanoid containment cell. Special measures are to be taken to prevent SCP-034-2 from being released to the public. SCP-034-2 instances are to only be kept within SCP-034-1 for use under from-an-forth viewing conditions. SCP-034-2 instances are to be fed a standard standard diet of corn mealworms. SCP-034-2 instances are also to be in a mental state of intense distress over the disappearance of their progenitor. Testing of SCP-034-2 instances has been ruled out due to the fact that SCP-034-2 instances are in advanced for the development of advanced sapient sapience.

Discovery: SCP-034-1 was discovered after it was discovered that a small child buried in [REDACTED] had inexplicably ignored interrogation protocols for the duration of their life. Foundation records indicate that Foundation personnel [REDACTED] Properties Inc. is the manufacturer of [REDACTED].


1. This includes up to 1/10000 of the human population.

2. This includes young children.

3. This includes young spry children.

4. This includes middle-aged adults that have not matured by the time of their deaths.

5. This includes older adults.

6. This includes older adults, but as of the end of 2013, this has climbed up to 5.

7. This includes the opinions of newer members of staff.

8. This includes all personnel over the age of 20.

9. This includes older staff members.

10. This includes active and former Foundation staff members.

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