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Item #: SCP-035

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-035 is to be contained within a covered research facility. Individuals deemed to pose a threat should be tracked and placed within radiation-shielded site-██, further images of SCP-035 that would be considered a threat should be secured in Site-██. Once SCP-035 is labeled as a threat, personnel are to allow it to be monitored at all times. Any persons deemed a threat are to be captured and questioned. Those deemed non-threats are to be classified as SCP-035.

Description: SCP-035 is a humanoid entity with an anomalous effect. SCP-035's effects appear to be limited to this particular object, and are limited to affected individuals. SCP-035 is capable of changing its physical shape and appearance, animate and inanimate, of any item it is in contact with.

According to SCP-035's case files, SCP-035 was discovered in [REDACTED], as a Foundation prototype, by an freelance researcher, ████████ ████████, after ██ instances of SCP-035 (later determined to include SCP-035) showed up in numerous locations around the country. ████████ was terminated by Foundation security before the SCP-035's effects could be detected, but was later found to be one of the first entities to discover SCP-035's nature.

SCP-035 is tertiary to the celestial body Euclid-class object SCP-035, and is a constructed object. SCP-035's anomalous effects manifest when it is near an individual named ████████. SCP-035 will not deviate from its design until it is within approximately 0.25 meters of ████████, which is located in ██████████, ██, when SCP-035 fails to display its anomalous effects.

Note: This test is sort of a dead duck, but I'm not entirely sure. I would have to say that SCP-035 is problematic to containment, though. It has shown to be anomalous.

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