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Item #: SCP-331

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-331 is to be stored in standard anomalous storage locker 05-DCU6. Only a single bed and two sheets of fabric are to be provided to SCP-331 for the purposes of study and study. No materials or persons capable of readying SCP-331 for testing are to be allowed near the item.

Description: SCP-331 is a collection of 25 text-based bohemian short stories. Each story is an idea from a different fantasy genre. SCP-331 was made by SCP-001 through 02, and retains the original idea even when no version of SCP-001 was or was not written.

SCP-331 is stable. It will only go from load to load unless the load is high enough to draw the load off itself. At this point, the thesis of the bohemian tales is implemented effectively, as the story is relitened by Javert, The Shadow Weaver, The Shadow Prophet and the Shadow Wizard of the Winter Republic to create a standard plot line. SCP-331 is enforceable and easily concealed, but is not easy to open, carry, or install. The following is a summary of SCP-331, and is to be considered the least comprehensive tool on the Foundation’s disposal.


A Motherhouse

You awaken, a modern day hero, to discover a public bathhouse in the middle of a rural area, clock tower in the background. The sun rests on your shoulder, and you can see the crowd making their way over to the bathhouse. They are wearing an over-the-top costume, and are running fast. They are called “The Caps”, and they have a strong, if dreary, tone. The music is good, and the people singing are excellent. The guests are dressed in stylized mannequins, and they appear to be having an affair. There is an excited interest in the story, though you can’t remember what that is. The story rapidly turns to a fight between the three people who appear to be thinking of a plot. The story continues the evening in an unconventional manner, with each person making different plays on what has already happened, causing them to lose interest in the debate. The story includes multiple scenes of the writer and the audience dancing and laughing together. The story ends with the two people clearly breathing heavily through their cheeks, and also ends with them in a state of concentration for much of the next scene.


Wizard of the Beehive

The wizard whisks a cloud of a night into your head, and the music in your head is caught in it. The wind, however, is suddenly powerful and loud, and threateningly drawn. The wizard opens his fingers and an enormous storm is released, enveloping the forest and trapping the entire Foundation. It is unknown how the storm affected the Foundation, as night and guards are busy securing the entrance to SCP-331.


Gerard André's Antique Chess Set

The chess set, which the wizard uses to deny his opponent's piece, is heavy. He is holding it in the middle of the table. His opponent is holding a shining dagger in his hand. The magician appears to fear the scar on his opponent’s back, and approach the table. The wizard approaches the table and extends his sword, as the defeated stands. The wizard then bows dramatically, and an explosion occurs around him. The wizard’s sword explodes, causing the deck to fall backwards. The sound of blood hits his opponent, and the ground below suddenly lurches up, rolling over the game so that he is now firmly in the ground. The sound of a heavy thud is heard. The manuscript of the story is ruined, as is any records of the story. The sound of gunfire with a close-up rifle is heard. The sound of an explosion, or someone jumping, is heard.


The Elder Antiques

There is a lounge in the middle of SCP-331, where the crowd is gathered. The place is solemn, and there is a large table containing many items, some of them currently held by other Foundation personnel. SCP-331 appears to be at the end of a long hall, with many people sitting and conversing. An insistent voice is playing at the music, saying “You shall not walk in the snow.” Behind it, a group of people are dressed in magical garb, holding weapons, and taking the appearance of a magician. The place is heavily decorated, with two sets of figures and objects hanging from the ceiling and wall hreatly lit by candles, if any. Several figures resembling Italo Calvino stand behind the crowd

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