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Item #: SCP-332

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-332 is kept in Level 5 standard humanoid containment chamber in Research Wing-A, located in Site-30. The chamber is to be kept on standard humanoid-sized flooring.

Description: SCP-332 is a young male human female holding a placard on a hinged booth in Site-30, with the word "Dr. ███████" printed on the front. The placard is in English, most likely the result of SCP-332 unintentionally being informed to work there.

SCP-332 has been reported by 4 individuals (SCP-332-1, -3, -4, and -5) of 2 or more races/nationalities. The precise beliefs of these individuals is not known to SCP-332.

SCP-332-1 is a D-class (designated SCP-332-2) with similar beliefs to SCP-332-2 to an extent. However, SCP-332-1 does not believe in a God, and also has expressed great desire to study the field of archaeology, having seen a huge amount of different cultures around them, frequently confronting religious militants of high enough rank to create the effect.

SCP-332-2 is a D-class with similar beliefs to SCP-332-1. This hasn't yet had a noticeable effect on the gender of SCP-332-2. It has been noted that SCP-332-2 does not intend to kill SCP-332-1.

SCP-332-3 is a D-class wearing a blue jumpsuit and blue jeans. It has stated that SCP-332-3 has no desire to hurt SCP-332-1.

SCP-332-4 is a D-class with similar beliefs to SCP-332-3. It has stated that SCP-332-4 has no desire to harm SCP-332-1.

SCP-332-5 is a D-class-like humanoid with a red cape, helmet and long white-trimmed spectacles, with a long black beard behind his ears and a purple collar. SCP-332-5 appears to be the exact same individual as SCP-332-2.

SCP-332-6 is a young historical female of the humanoid (designated SCP-332-7) race known to cause major fits with other humanoid entities. SCP-332-6 has stated that she has no idea how to repair SCP-332-1, and that her only choice is to do nothing at all.

SCP-332-7 is a D-class-like humanoid human with a blonde complexion and red cape and long white-trimmed spectacles. It has stated that SCP-332-7 has no desire to harm SCP-332-1, or any other humanoid entity. It has also stated that SCP-332-7 will not use its powers on any creature.

SCP-332-8 is a D-class-like humanoid-designated as SCP-332-8. SCP-332-8 is to be kept in Level 5 standard humanoid containment in Research Wing-A.

SCP-332-9 is a D-class-like humanoid creature known to gibber away with its mandibles. It has stated that SCP-332-9 has no desire to harm any humanoid, and therefore has no need to be restrained.

SCP-332-10 is a D-class-like humanoid-designated as SCP-332-11, with a long red cape and short red cape. It has stated that it has no wishes to harm any humanoid, but will deliberately use its powers to harm any humanoid it deems as a threat.

SCP-332-11 is a D-class-like humanoid-designated as SCP-332-12. SCP-332-11 must be restrained at all times in its containment chamber.

SCP-332-12 is a D-class-like humanoid with an animal-like body. It has stated it is all alone and has no knowledge of other humanoid entities, and has been observed to emit a strong whistle.

SCP-332-13 is an unidentified entity who is currently contained in Level 5 standard humanoid containment in Research Wing-A. SCP-332-13 does not have any particular knowledge of SCP-332-1, but has expressed great displeasure with the top tier of research staff involved with SCP-332-1.

SCP-332-14 is a D-class-like humanoid with no visible signs of wealth or self-awareness. SCP-332-14 has stated that it does not consider the Foundation to be an "annoying human being", and does not care about stopping research.

SCP-332-15 is a D-class-like humanoid with very long and short hair. It is the sole survivor of the SCP-332 incident.

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