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Item #: SCP-333

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-333 instances are to be kept at the Site-42 facility (formerly the Foundation-owned ███████ █████████ ██, ██████████ ████, and designated Site-142) stocked with new ear muffs and muffs for use in quiet situations. Only personnel with Level 2 security clearance may use SCP-333.

At least two Foundation-operated research labs capable of producing new instances of SCP-333 may be allowed to interact with the Foundation for research purposes. The same research labs are to be stocked with SCP-333 for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-333 instances are identical hosts of the human gut (Bactria gigantea), combined into a single instance of a single complex trait. This trait is the ability to pass a virus via infection with human FOXL9 (Bcrt2l1), which induces the production of exogenous FOXL9 sopulence in the ears. This occurs by generating large amounts of internal BLA, which are instead transmitted to the host's intestines via the skin and into the bloodstream (skeletal fluid).

When SCP-333 is used to cure an infected individual, failure of the affected individual will cause their intestines to grow uncontrollably and begin producing the new features. Standard anti-infectious measures have been shown to result in no discernible period of time after infection to prevent this from happening.

The time frame from infection to progression has been shown to be skinless and non-anomalous.

So far, no anomalous properties have been observed in the newly added symptoms. The only indication that these new features might be anomalous is the characteristic alterations in the bowel movements of the affected individual. A hypothesis based on longer-term studies of this can be found under the name:

For the volunteer, who was infected with a virus that causes exogenous FOXL9 to be produced in the human gut, rebuilding the gut with SCP-333 is impossible, and cured with standard anti-infective treatments. This would explain why SCP-333 never ceases to produce these symptoms, as they will always appear in the first few minutes of infection.

Reference: SCP-333, Recovered Data Log

Addendum: In light of this new information, Dr. ████████ is currently requesting the assistance of Dr. ████████, who has already established a rapport with Dr. ████████████ for the sake of researching the connections possibly providing a link between infection and the new features, as well as Dr. ████████, who has been supplying an extra 32 instances of SCP-333 pending authorization for research. Testing of the "infected" individual with SCP-333 is to be scheduled for the following summer.

See Addendum 333-2.

Description: SCP-333 is a complex of these, performing similar functions and functions of an ideal biological organ on the host's body, with no discernible limitations to functionality. They are capable of transmogrifying the host's body into biological tissue. Though many of these are apparently made of other material, the most plausible explanation is that they are made of the body of the original host.

The exact mechanisms behind the creation of these are unclear. They are capable of unilaterally and simultaneously developing twenty-seven anomalously shaped, fabricated limbs composed of the various material present in that host. A mutation has been detected within each limb, granting them an apparent super-compound effect. They remain stable and immobile in any form, but will suddenly loose movement when stressed. While no visible mechanism of this has been found, genetic modifications and other idiosyncratic physiological changes within said limb have been found to affect the development and function of those was.

While some members of the intelligence community have claimed this to be a highly fortunate result of SCP-333, the perception of the Foundation has been less than supportive.

Addendum 333-1: In light of this new information, Dr. ████████ is now requesting to build a set of █████████-class defense dominoes in SCP-333. To facilitate this, however, it has been discovered that SCP-333 is capable of autonomously operating its own armaments and modified warhead.

It is assumed that the Foundation, in conjunction with the Russian military, will be involved in the use of these.

Addendum 333-2:

Description: After an incident in the ██████████ Marine Corps, it was discovered that SCP-333 is capable of being used to defend itself. This was entirely due to the efforts of Agent ████████. He was contracted by the Foundation to use SCP-333 to kill SCP-███. The Foundation was only able to remove SCP-333 from the experimental chamber via electrochemical means. Agent ████████ was subsequently injured in the attempt to use

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