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Item #: SCP-336

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-336 has been secured by highway traffic cameras. A police force of 5 agents is currently stationed in SCP-336 to monitor traffic at any of the 10 pages of Government Complex-7, and are to be armed with 7 L9-1 heavy machine guns, and large quantities of tranquilizer.

Description: SCP-336 is a gravel pit, located in ███████ ██, ██████, ██████, ███████ ████████, ██████, ████████, ████████, █████ ██████, ███████ ████████, and ████████, the largest of which is 35m x 5m x 5m. When SCP-336 is used for the purposes of displayed documents and/or Archives-class data, all pages within the complex are to be opened, systematically removed, and salvaged. SCP-336 may not be used for minor garbage, such as trash or old documents.

SCP-336 Stage 1 is the initial stage. After a twenty to thirty minute period of time, SCP-336 will begin to exhibit signs of deteriorating structural integrity of the structure, including its deterioration to the point that it has noticeably deteriorated. These effects include, but are not limited to:

•Unfounded structural damage to the exterior walls of the structure. These effects include:

•Extreme deterioration of the exterior wall seen on the main floor, including:

•Ingoing material damage, and

•Failure on fundamental maintenance of the structure.

•Inability to move or move control via the use of the information available on the digital web, or in any relevant news, articles, announcements, or web design websites, over the course of any given day. This is transmitted to Foundation personnel, and is noted and treated as occurring within SCP-336.

•The appearance of a humanoid entity in the area of the normal user interface, ostensibly present as a user name. This phenomenon can be used to gain access to functions of the computer, with several instances of SCP-336-1 gone out of control, and even SCP-336-3 being extremely hostile in nature. (See Document 896-2)

•Closely-documented (but not present in the original documentation) instances of SCP-336-1, which appear to be computer programs or code. This can appear as a list of files, together with information on the previous and the next file and other settings. SCP-336-1 displays programs referenced in the previous definitions and functions, written in a text-based language, which are usually manifest without the known anomalies themselves.

Stage 2 occurs following six to eight weeks of this initial stage. Stage 2 will not be considered active until all pages within the complex are properly cleared of all anomalous effects. Stage 2 will end when all pages within the complex are cleared of all anomalous effects.

Note: As of ██/██/18██, SCP-336 has been under Foundation surveillance. SCP-336 is now in active use at various government centers, including ██████████, ██████, ███████, ████, ████████ and ██████.

Document 896-2

Document 896-2: Confiscation of SCP-336

On ███/██/15, an unauthorized Foundation personnel entered a government complex within SCP-336's main effect. Contained within the complex was a collection of documents, copies of government documents, documentation of information relating to ██/██, ███████, ████████, ███████████, ██████████, ██████████, ███████████, ███████████, ████████████, and ██████████. The documents listed in this document were initially contained in a standard holding room, but were:

•Documents found within the 1000-page on ██████ ████.

•Animals included within SCP-336.

•Incidents involving the ██████████ ████████████ Peace Project.

The ammunition found within the complex included pistol cartridges, ████████-Prime-brand ammunition, MP5 carbines and various bent bullets of various types.

D-class personnel were wounded, but all involved personnel were fully re-re-contained. A gunshot wound to the torso was not fatal, and the bullet did not draw blood. Personnel were ordered to kill SCP-336.

Note: On ██/██/09, security cameras aboard SCP-336-2 were observed to be set to the grainy and low quality quality level. Daily defense of the local area had been underway for the past month, and the site was being taken out for routine maintenance. The research staff had been advised not to allow any anomalous effects to affect SCP-336.

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