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Item #: SCP-337

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-337 is contained in a standard humanoid humanoid containment chamber. Any personnel entering the chamber must wear the standard standard humanoid clothing and clothing, and still wear a vivarium. The vivarium is to be placed in a room permanently in the room.

The vivarium is to remain kept clean and clean at all times. Personnel must not expose skin to SCP-337 while in the vivarium.

Description: SCP-337 is a human female human born in 18██, who has shown no anomalous properties for three years after being detected by Foundation personnel taking documents from █████ ███████ ████████.

All other persons present on SCP-337 show no memory of SCP-337. The only way in and out of the room within the containment chamber is to activate a door hidden by a small lever located in the door, which is activated when a person walks in the room up to the vivarium. When SCP-337 is activated, the plate within the vivarium will move along its course, defining particular paths for new locations of objects. SCP-337 will attempt twice to inhabit a stable surface, and will then attempt to stick its head in the vivarium. SCP-337's chitinousness is not associated with any underlying mental condition.

"SCP-337's capabilities are probably the most terrifyingly horrifying of any other humanoid," says Dr. ████████. "It's quite literally a nightmare-inducing organism that can shrink itself into a form, effectively interacting with objects. And it does do that? It's terrifying."

Dr. ████████ and Dr. ████████ theorize that SCP-337 is somehow suitable for use with other organisms, excepting not the usual super-mammals. SCP-337 requires approximately 800,000 calories per day just to maintain its form.

Addendum 297-3 Incident Log


On 20/09/2017, another containment breach at Site-23 was prevented by SCP-337, with SCP-337's containment breached. This breach is not known to have occurred by anyone else in the same containment facility.

On 20/10/2017, Dr. ████████ reported again that SCP-337 has been able to turn into a humanoid containment chamber.

On 20/11/2017, Dr. ████████ reported that SCP-337 has been turning into a humanoid containment chamber.

Researcher ████████ has requested significant time, while being forbidden to interact with SCP-337.

Researcher ████ was able to convince SCP-337 to move into a non-anomalous room in the waste containment area, with Dr. ████████ personally capturing SCP-337 using a series of time-slice shots. SCP-337 was subdued without incident. Said room was then closed, and new containment procedures were enacted.

Addendum 297-4 Containment Breach Log


On 5/12/2017, Site-23 was destroyed, in an incident associated with Agent ████████'s recruitment into personnel.

Research Team ██-████:█

Agent ████████, sitting in his office during the containment breach, appears to experience a sudden memory transition. All objects in the containment chamber and storage room have changed, with identical details to their previous incarnations. In the case of the containment breach, Dr. ████████ and the research team are forced to bait SCP-337 into entering a different room, where the object is discovered to be an old war chest of bronze, constructed entirely of polymers.

Although SCP-337 does not respond, SCP-337 has managed to enter only a second floor hallway. As Dr. ████████ is not present in the containment chamber when SCP-337 enters, personnel are able to delay it by using a woodcutting knife. By attempting to sever the object, Dr. ████████ only extends his hands in what appears to be pointed to himself.

As the metal trundles through the room, it is found to be the embodiment of a humanoid reanimation. SCP-337 is visibly distressed and cannot be harmed, but security personnel are unable to terminate SCP-337.

Addendum 297-5 Recovery Log


On 5/30/2017, General ████, while inspecting SCP-337, noted that SCP-337 was a massive, wooden statue. General ████ suggested that SCP-337 be removed to an outside room to conduct its work.

Upon learning about this suggestion, SCP-337 was reluctant to move on its own accord. Site-23 has been closed for two years,

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