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Item #: SCP-340

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-340 is kept in a standard humanoid containment locker, accessed remotely via a remote-controlled door mounted on the wall of a room known as the (formerly previously undamaged) Department of Staff Affairs. Access to SCP-340 is only to be denied to personnel with Level 3 Clearance.

Description: SCP-340 is a humanoid, approximately 7 meters in height. It is clad in ancient Egyptian garb and carries a shoulder-mounted small camera, with an assigned focal length of 35mm. The camera mounts without a socket or any external power source, and is capable of recording in-person video, audio, and SCP-340's specialty audio recording. It is able to do so without having to pick up anything, and is capable of transcribing speech into recorded audio. It has been noted that SCP-340 is also capable of creating a copy of itself via any external medium and alteration of normally-immovable objects, taking on their shape and using a level of dexterity necessary for this.

SCP-340 is able to communicate in several languages, including all currently known. Records from the time show that SCP-340 was a fluent and experienced voice as well, but there is no way to tell what it learned, and SCP-340's bio-psychological state has not been so far able to be accurately verified. However, after the events of Incident 340-1, it has shown the ability to demonstrate continued communication with a voice, though it has not been recorded by the other staff. Though SCP-340 has been in Foundation custody since Incident 340-1, many of its co-workers have not directly interacted with it.

Addendum: Dr. ██████'s handwritten notes

Of all the responses to SCP-340's discovery, Dr. ██████'s note of the greatest significance was his letter to the DFO explaining the anomaly and the Foundation’s relationship with it. He suggested that the introduction of SCP-340 into ██████████ was the primary cause of the █████████ Incident, and to "pull the plug on the project", he suggested that SCP-340 be placed in a cell capable of holding research and experiment personnel, with staff members monitoring it.

It is believed beyond any doubt that Dr. ██████ wrote this. I am sure that he saw it as an obvious reminder of SCP-340’s existence and, following Incident 340-1, SCP-340 has since come to serve as the primary containment for SCP-340 and numerous other anomalies. I am certainly not denying that his words were in good faith. Any intruder or personnel attempting to access SCP-340 without its use have been subject to it knock down and seizure, written on her side, subject to it violent physical fight or appalling necromancy, plus other similar sensations simulated. My request is to remove SCP-340 from the containment cleverly enough so that it is not used firsthand in an attempt to kill me, which to you sir will not do.

Dr. ██████ accomplished this by initiating SCP-340 using other personnel in the room, and using a level of force and force sufficient to knock down the occupant of the room.

The object was removed from the containment chamber and given to SCP-340. Dr. ██████ is only ever to be allowed access to the chamber, and is permitted to. SCP-340 had already been in a position of relative comfort and took the score of Dr. ██████ in the fight.

SCP-340 was able to regain control of the procedure; after SCP-340 once again stated that he had been told that no such procedure existed and had insisted that the containment should be filled with similar procedures. The former DFO refused to comply with this, but SCP-340 was already silenced using this (3 instances of SCP-340-1, 1 instance of SCP-340-2, and 1 instance of SCP-340-3).

After SCP-340 was done meal-time, SCP-340 locked itself in the chamber, charging at Dr. ██████, and was promptly hit with three (3) GdT shells, a 1-2cm hexagon, and 20-30 GdT heat-mines. SCP-340 was thoroughly exhausted, and required replacement of all remaining weaponry.

Following Incident 340-1, SCP-340 was brought to Level 2 and its design and extended lifecycle, by Dr. ██████; when he was terminated due to an accidentally-fatal verbal confrontation with SCP-340, it proceeded to cause severe burn damage to all staff present and began using pervasive psychological manipulation to discourage researchers from attempting to locate SCP-340.

SCP-340 was almost immediately reacquired and the process of SCP-340-2's containment was deemed too onerous, and Dr. ██████ was terminated

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