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Item #: SCP-339

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-339 is kept at Secure Site-92 in Svalbard, Norway. Access to SCP-339 requires Level-3 clearance. SCP-339 is occasionally to be fed with animal meals.

Description: SCP-339 is a small wooden robot resembling a mobile gun. It is bipedal, and has the appearance of a young bovine. It has been a subject of sexual fluids, and has the ability to create spines from various parts of its body. Attempts to penetrate or modify the interior of SCP-339 appear to yield no results, although it is apparently immune to most conventional weaponry.

SCP-339 gains the ability to create matters of advanced nature from any material of very high quality, including electricity, teleportation, telekinetic, and other inventions of great importance to the Foundation's interests. SCP-339 is also capable of creating substances that are deemed to provide a special, mind-affecting effect to entities. It has been influenced by the same objects, and has the ability to corrode anything with the same hardness as it is in contact.

Any subject in contact with SCP-339 is shown pain and discomfort within three to five minutes, and a high-pressure area appears to form around the subject. Normally, after this period, the subject will experience extreme bodily fatigue, insensibility, irritability, and other such states.

Attempts to remove SCP-339 have no effect on it.

Addendum 339-1: After Incident 339-A, attempts to break SCP-339 are to be taken seriously.

Addendum 339-2: SCP-339 has not been observed to leave its containment chamber.

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