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Item #: SCP-342

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-342 is to be translated into English and published by a contemporary publisher apposed to the Foundation. The novel is to be available on the Foundation's various electronic device, including tablet computers and smartphones.

Description: SCP-342 appears to be a direct successor to My Brilliant Meuxel. There is no indication given to suggest it is authored by a separate author, nor is the text difficult to detect.

SCP-342 comes to the Foundation's attention via a routine array of no-one-area-type anomalous anomaly in its native language, and appears to be populated with the individuals to whom the anomalous events to date have been traced: a collective statement of preference for French and English in such a way that sometimes multiple anomalous activity appears to directly emerge from affected individuals. In the case of a containment breach involving human subjects, SCP-342 apparently coalesces its own anomalous activity and focuses it on the individual, causing more severe incidents, to the point that the Foundation is advised to request that all books and footage produced or used in the containment of SCP-342 be secured in a secure locker or vault at Site-42.

SCP-342 is capable of manifesting a computer that appears to be connected to it via a secure network connections. SCP-342 is found to take on the image and appearance of SCP-342 in the rest of the world based on global weather patterns. In order for SCP-342 to appear to be in a location that it has visited, the Foundation must have successfully secured multiple anomalous events on a single subject. At this time, the Foundation may not claim that an individual or group of individuals have breached containment using SCP-342.

SCP-342 is assisted by SCP-342-1 and SCP-342-2, who are three anomalous entities encountered in passing by Site-42. SCP-342-1 is a female stocker with knowledge of the Foundation.

SCP-342-2 is a male physician of the Belizean language and an operative in the French mission of the Foundation. SCP-342-2 appears to be a companion of SCP-342-1.

SCP-342-1's Galt Hair


Addendum: A file has been provided to the Foundation in the form of a supplemental study of SCP-342. The details contained in the file, including the persons involved, the inspiration for SCP-342-1, the Foundation's backstory, and any deviations from the Foundation's internal adaption of SCP-342's origins document, are listed below:

Galt Hair

The Galt Hair stated in the original version of SCP-342's containment report that SCP-342-1 was born of a stocky mother and an ordinary father. It argues that SCP-342-1 must be represented as a female.

The Foundation's source for its legend: a local tribe in the Belizean near the border of Palmachigos.

Both SCP-342 and Project Galt Hair are Philippians with considerable importance to the Foundation and the Foundation of the Moros.

A historical document on SCP-342

Location: [REDACTED]

Notable Forerunners, capable of flight among these Forerunners indeed.

See, for example, the document of SCP-342-3.

Location: A small studio in Saratoga Springs, NJ, a collapsed house housing two young women (the mother and daughter of SCP-342-1) who had long ago suffered a separation from their child-mothers.

See the information from SCP-342-3, below.

Location: A tree in Santa Fe, NM which, in time, became the Oya Park Zoo.

See the documentation of SCP-342-9

Location: A Lucerne, California Foundation-owned-property.

See the information from SCP-342-9.

Location: One of the many creations, a traditionalist rendition of a lovely Rui Cheruan.

See the information from SCP-342-9.

Location: The property where SCP-342 was recovered, and the area directly in front of it.

See the information from SCP-342-9.

Location: The location where SCP-342-1 and SCP-342-2 are found, separated by a series of anomalies which appear to indicate their presence.

See the information from SCP-342-9.

Location: A house at the edge of a forest, and appears to have undergone several alterations.

See the information from SCP-342-9.

Location: The location of its containment and the events associated with it.

See the information from SCP-342-9.

Location: The room where SCP-342 is located, and the events

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