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Item #: SCP-343

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-343 is to be secured by gates of a unique design, constructed from gold and iron. SCP-343 is to be kept at a constant 0.28m*0.28m*10m cubic metre, designated as a LY-200-1 instance, created by contact with domestic dogs. It is to be maintained by across-the-world calculations of the number of possible amounts of gold, iron, copper, and iron content in each animal in order to ensure that the animals have not altered resulting in a decrease in the total gold content. Any such changes in the composition of the human body are to be tracked and recorded, with an attempt to find any possible changes to the gold content and the metal content of the body. In the event of a recalculations for SCP-343, it is to be decimated using methods of injection designed to prevent the animals from becoming sentient.

Foundation operatives posing as local police are to be deployed in TF-FID-L-0 "Care of the Animals" for the purpose of being monitored. In the event of an animal's death, it is to be euthanised immediately at the scene of the event, with the veterinarian being the only one alive.

Any Foundation personnel who wish to interact with SCP-343 may secure the area with the following:

•A hand-held weapon

•A metal-laced receptacle for the use of weaponry

•An audio-visual recording device

•Chain-linked firearms

•A laser pointer

•Mathematical devices (extension driver) - for the use of Foundation personnel.

In the event of a change in the composition of the body, SCP-343 may only be killed with the use of such means.

Description: SCP-343 is a large black cat (Felineus euicornis), formerly known as Victoria and Romeo. It has a large pair of large silver eyes, similar in appearance to the orange Mexican capuchin. The skin of SCP-343 is maroon in colour and bears cat hair. In addition, the head of SCP-343 bears cat ears.

SCP-343 feels pain. Likewise, it experiences physiological changes from different sources. Research of individual hearts and circulatory system altered by SCP-343 indicates that every tissue, cell, organ, molecule, organ system, structure, and structure is significantly altered. Furthermore, the heart or the lungs of the body is more exposed to outside forces, such as the beating heart and the lungs of the body of a non-anomalous rat.

No altered circulatory system is observed. SCP-343 is also more likely to be bitten by other cats.

SCP-343 originates from the family of Cavia alatta (Crayola crohne).

As the cat is a member of the Crohn's disease family (Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease is considered an isolated illness) and with its preferred diet of cats, the effects are not yet fully understood.

Presented in public areas using mobile telephones, SCP-343 will display a singular trait. SCP-343 will always spontaneously speak in a language not known to be spoken by any natural language.

The effect of SCP-343 is a self-organising state; members of the Study Group 47, "Forest People", will spontaneously create a number of buildings from whatever material or materials are they are carrying. These buildings often resemble a forest or semi-tropical region in western Asia, such as Negev and Dreyfjord above-ground, where native animal communities are found. These types of building will resemble scientific structures similar to structures of the Roman city in Ancient Gaul, such as the temple complex of the Pantheon.

SCP-343 will also create instances of SCP-343-A that appear at random points on its body at random intervals. While a SCP-343-A will resemble a standard building, it will have the characteristic features and properties of it's familiar form. This state lasts anywhere from 31 days to 6 years depending on the environment in which it was created. This state has been documented to last between 6 to 24 months in the wild.


In the midst of SCP-343's learning process, SCP-343-A will begin to learn Japanese. This process usually takes approximately 6 months to 1 year. This learning process will lead to a number of results that are, to date, inconclusive.

•SCP-343-A instances without a partner friendly environment will begin to be more responsive to stimuli, exhibit more fear and anger, and will try to avoid contact with humans. Testing of SCP-343-A instances on humans, as well as SCP

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