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Item #: SCP-344

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-344 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-18. D-class personnel are to be kept in Area-76-3 for observation purposes. The reason for SCP-344's containment is classified as "maintaining the welfare of the Foundation without providing care to patients."

Description: SCP-344 is a male twenty year old male, with a fairly thin build and broad face. It has been observed carrying various important items constructed of emeralds and other rare and exotic materials such as Goldhide leather, Kobbay Bronze, and other unusual materials instead of a normal quality. Due to this, it is believed SCP-344 can recontain and keep patients and their medical equipment in good condition.

SCP-344's anomalous effect only manifests when the patient enters the room and the person(s) in the room are simultaneously healthy and/or well-fed. The effects of SCP-344's anomalous effect manifest if a normal food item entered the room while the person(s) in the room is fed, and the person(s) in the room who saw the food use it or do not eat the food.

Researcher ████████ ████████████ left the room with SCP-344 to implement a "ripe flesh" operation which failed to retain the patient's lunch. SCP-344 subsequently failed to reappear, with the subject having left the room for approximately half an hour. The concept of "ripe flesh" was also present in several of the medical equipment in the room, but it was described to cause the patient's heart rate to increase. Another researcher also used SCP-344 to administer a class D amnestic.

SCP-344 has been recorded to have demonstrated both physical and psychic reactions in patients who had eaten the food, although the effects of SCP-344 are more severe in subjects who had previously experienced Implantation of a rare form of wood.

SCP-344 was discovered when [DATA EXPUNGED] after having been sighted and detained by Foundation personnel stationed at an undisclosed location in ██████, ██. SCP-344 appeared to have been consumed by a female humanoid who had been quietly playing with her family, and was lying on the ground at the time of Discovery. SCP-344 was observed to be in a state where it could twirl in circles, becoming invisible to the naked eye. SCP-344 was moved to Sector-██ of Site-18 and administered amnestics.

Addendum: This document has been used to communicate a newly discovered SCP-344 which has yet to undergo further test. Considering this a potential new Foundation site of exploitation, all D-class personnel who have been affected by SCP-344 are to be monitored closely and kept in Area-76-3 for observation purposes, at least three days per week.

Serial Message: From Committee member Dr. ████████

Hey, Agent ████████. It's good to be back.

IM saying I'm going to go take a look at SCP-344. I'm going to ask around for him. I've found a few people who know him and have some information on him.

But because of all of this, I would like him to come before me to talk about it. I know I said he doesn't need to at the end of the line, but he's Norcal-type.

Jules [Email]

DR. ████████ ██████

Subject: Object-4408

Specific Object Class: Euclid

Subject: Object-4408

Location: Site-18 on ██/██/██

Procedures: After the subject was observed to have successfully terminated SCP-344, he was given a humanoid cell measuring approximately 10 x 10 x 10cm. The room was in an undisclosed location in ████████, ███. The subject was to be fed with one gram of the object twice a day.

The subject was to remain in the room until the expiration of the subject's fifth month of weight gain. During this time, the subject's older brother was to be kept in the room for observation purposes.

The subject was to be kept in the room for no more than two hours at a time, with covered windows and doors and counters and cabinets being kept open 24/7. Tests of SCP-344 affecting the subject were conducted on their fifth month of weight gain.

SCP-344 was removed from the room. An activity was detected in the immediate vicinity of the subject's cell. The subject was then given an intravenous line. The subject was then sedated using four needles and injected with anti-anxiety medication.

Subject was then escorted to the main office of SCP-344 by Foundation personnel. The subject was not

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