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Item #: SCP-345

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-345 is contained at the facilities of Site-116, in a standard humanoid containment chamber modified to house the existence of a phenomenon that lamented being "fridges" instead of merely being an "art form". SCP-345 is equipped with all necessary equipment for permanent containment of any living anomaly, such as weight-lifting equipment, radio, microphone, alarm systems, and "bug-handling" equipment. SCP-345 is to be kept in a cylindrical room with no less than a storage, which is to be dismantled due to the incident with SCP-3314.

SCP-345 is to be kept out of sight of all personnel in close proximity with no less than 6 monitors. SCP-345 is to be kept on a mattress, but is to be kept on a floor with either a floor or roof, and hidden from view at all times. SCP-345 is to be fed with hot chocolate and salted caramel, and that portion of the company is not to be fed to children younger than 18. SCP-345 is to be fed at least 800 calories daily, as daily caloric intake needs to be contained to 1000J.

In order to prevent any unforeseen events, SCP-345 is not permitted to interact with members of the public. Any trespassing on SCP-345 is to be reported immediately to the Site Director. Personnel/Facility-116 has become the only interior to SCP-345's containment area, as the other containment chambers lack the view. The only access point to SCP-345 is to be concealed at an isolated building on the roof, protected by fireproof steel doors for its safety.

Should its bed be placed near an electrical outlet, an alarm is to be set to warn other personnel of a fellow anomaly being constructed to kill them. All personnel are to immediately report to their supervisor, and are to remain inside SCP-345 until SCP-345 is terminated.

Description: SCP-345 is, in fact, a humanoid entity who is $█████. SCP-345 is a male, with a dominant left thumb and a prominent left hook. Unlike most other humanoid entities, SCP-345 holds a large arsenal of needle-like appendages in its left hand. These appendages are retractable, gummy, chocolate-flavored candy. My personal favorite is a botanical-themed candy called "God Knows."

SCP-345 belongs to an anomalous form of anomalous identity, SCP-345-1.

SCP-345-1 is an undefined region of spacial space that appears definite, and is entirely invisible to the naked eye. However, SCP-345-1 is capable of being seen, and to perceive itself, and others, as "yourself". SCP-345-1 is unable to interact with objects on the surface, and has demonstrated no preference for or knowledge of normal subjects, but will travel to any point within sight and sound as if it is within one unit of another. Moreover, while SCP-345-1 appears to have a central source and manipulation, when asked, it will readily answer "God knows".

SCP-345-1 is known to possess the following anomalous abilities:

•SCP-345 may create objects from nothing.

•SCP-345-1 can utilize its appendages in motion to create new items.

•SCP-345-1 appears to have a compulsion to cover its face whenever an unfamiliar or non-humanoid being is near it.

•SCP-345-1 can use its appendages to make objects animate.

•Forces SCP-345-1 to appear in the presence of others as an object of sexual or aesthetic interest.

•SCP-345-1 will become entirely invisible when no human is near.

•SCP-345-1 will remain invisible for the duration of its containment without exhibiting any physical attributes.

•SCP-345-1 can interact with any objects on the surface.

SCP-345-1 is generally friendly, and is usually cooperative with guards and personnel in the containment area. SCP-345-1 does not typically display any mental or physical abnormalities, and is less able to lose or escape from the containment area.

•SCP-345-1 will cooperate with Foundation personnel should there be an instance of SCP-345-1 on the surface of a building. If exposed to negative events, SCP-345-1 will attempt to convince them that they are not not an anomaly, and will share their knowledge of the universe and is willing to help them with any matters.

•SCP-345-1 will cooperate with Foundation personnel and will allow them to develop their own theories about the existence of another event they believe will occur.

SCP-345-1 has not been observed to show any abnormal behaviors or personality traits, and appears to have no need to eat or drink. It will accept

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