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Item #: SCP-346

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-346 has been preserved by optional area surface application of SCP-34C and SCP-346B. SCP-34C is to be maintained at the infirmary level at Site-███. SCP-346B is to be maintained for testing purposes, and is kept in the infirmary at Site-███.

Testing should not take more than 10 minutes.

Description: SCP-346 is a series of six SCP-34C-1 instances. This theta-functionally-classifies all subjects who are to be affected by SCP-346. It is to be used to help to mitigate the effects of SCP-34C.

SCP-346-1 is designated SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B. SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B are all victims of SCP-346. SCP-346-1A-1 is an example of a victim. SCP-346-1-1A through SCP-346-1B are victims of SCP-346. It is defined as an instance of SCP-346B. SCP-346-1 is developed from SCP-346-1B. The mechanism of SCP-346-1 is to actively remove itself from the physical reality. This results in the creation of SCP-346B.

A typical case of SCP-346B looks like an instance of SCP-346D, along with the skeleton and/or vegetation of the victim. Below is a list of where SCP-346-1, SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B, were initially created.

SCP-346-1 was originally created by the use of SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B.

SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B are typically composed of bone, wood, or plants, in a plot of space determined by a user of SCP-346-1. These plants are of varying length, placement, shape, and composition, but all have various aspects of them. The stems, leaves, shoots, flowers, fruits, and/or leaves of the plant have been observed to be anomalously similar in shape and texture.

Extensive usage of SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B has failed to remove SCP-346-1.

SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B are typically composed of flesh, blood, and each other, with various characteristics of each instance. The mechanism of SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B is to forcibly oppose a random amount of SCP-346-1-1A through SCP-346-1B to remove itself from the reality. If this fails to be done, SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B will remove itself from the reality and create [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-346-1B is composed of all aspects of a single living creature, regardless of the nature of the attack or the subject who caused it. The humanoid aspects are of the same length, shape, and composition, and all of them actively support the victim's will. There are unique exceptions for things found in SCP-346-1B.

SCP-346-1B instances are usually fond and protective of their victims. However, it is not currently thought that SCP-346-1B is the sole cause of SCP-346-1's effects.

Addendum — SCP-346-1.1

Addendum — SCP-346-1.2

SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B were originally created in Experiment-34C.

Dr. ██████

This is the fifth test for SCP-346-1C. Almost all subjects affected by SCP-346-1A through SCP-346-1B have been exposed to SCP-346-1. See Experiment-34C for a full log of all subjects whose experiences with SCP-346-1 have occurred.

Subject: D-3898, a twenty-nine year old woman with no prior experience with SCP types in general.

Experimentation: Subject was provided with a pair of coffee cups to place on tables. No food was taken for the duration of Experiment-34C, and subject was given sufficient dietary breaks. It should be noted that the subject was not provided with SCP-346-1 by Experiment-34C, and was not exposed to the SCP-346 both orally and via physical stimuli.

Subject: D-2544, a thirty-year-old woman. Companion of D-3898.

Experimentation: Subject was provided with a copy of the SCP-346 magnifying glass. Subject was then instructed to place the glass on a table

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