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Item #: SCP-349

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of an active SCP-349 event, the biological remains of any living entities killed by the object are to be sent to Site-33 for tracking, and incineration. In the case of an SCP-349 specific event, specimens of SCP-349 and other similar anomalous organisms are to be used to bio-contain the deceased and neutralize the remaining surviving individuals.

Unless O5 command or the head of any Foundation-sanctioned entity is in possession of a specimen of SCP-349, all specimens are to be kept in a static containment locker at Site-33. SCP-349 cannot be used on a limited target population.

The "dead zone" of SCP-349 is to be contained at least 90km x 300m. Each dead instance of SCP-349 used to neutralize SCP-349-1 is to be-

•Dr. Requiphan

•Dr. Gregory

•Dr. Danton

•Dr. Jack

•Dr. Ronald

The "stable" number of dead instances of SCP-349 is to be maintained at 100 apaches per thousand dead bodies per week.

Notes: An apparent containment breach at this time is to be immediately investigated, and SCP-349-specific events only reported to O5 command if an active SCP-349 event is reported.

Description: SCP-349 is a collection of 200,000 instances of SCP-349. The corpse count varies between 200 to 20,000, but usually exceeds 100. An individual who has died from these deaths is capable of spontaneous death through their own self-immolation.

There are approximately five main types of SCP-349-1 (SCP-349-1 through -37), over which the SCP-349 "stable" number (100) has been adjusted to a constant value without change.

Around two-thirds of the SCP-349-1 instances are beings/entities that are classically humanoid, with all other features being generally benign. They resemble human-sized specimens of SCP-349, as well as many other organisms in the class. They are immortal and partially sapient, capable of flight and deep breath, and possess a variety of dangerous and unique abilities. SCP-349-1 instances are also able to store memory-related knowledge of the deceased in their bodies, even if they have not been deceased for over 150 years. This knowledge, however, only affects the SCP-349-1 that have died, and has not been identified by the Foundation. The stored memory of a deceased event (specifically one believed to be the cause of death) will gradually swell over time, ultimately eventually approaching 0.3 billion memories, at which point it will be discovered to be universal to the entire population of the world at large, and will not die until it has reached 0.8 billion memories.

SCP-349-1 instances are classified based on various established conditions.

Below are examples of SCP-349-1 instances, and Table-3 for a list of known SCP-349 instances.

TABLE:Anomalous species

Description: SCP-349-101, who is no human, is a species of bipedal animal with the ability to either swim or fly, depending on which of the two it is communicated with. SCP-349-101 is the only known member of the genus Leporidae, distinguished by being a body of water-faring animals that spends most of its time gliding silently around a stationary pool in the water. SCP-349-101 is amphibious, and neither fish nor land animals are known to be capable of grasping it.

SCP-349-102 is a species of amphibious pseudoceranx musculus that has always been known to resemble a golden eagle. It can inflict grievous internal injury with a swift, piercing bite, and is nocturnal. It is entirely composed of water and ice.

SCP-349-103 is a non-anomalous quadrotor that is entirely composed of water and ice. Its ability to move at speeds of up to 50km/h, and appear in the air at temperatures of up to 100C on the outside, is considered to be the largest ever observed following an SCP-349-specific event.

It is adept at its specialized "leaping" abilities, which allow it to execute maneuvers seemingly entirely on its own. These abilities act as hyper-lightning bolts between the upper and lower surface of its body. Although within the confines of a finite world, the bolts will not maintain their power unless fully charged.

For example, when an SCP-349-specific event is reported, the bolts will fly to utmost speed and speed up to 50km/h in a standard degree of relative safety, thereby being un-explained as to why they will operate this way

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