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Item #: SCP-350

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-350 is to be contained in an automated humanoid containment chamber located in Site-76. At all times, all personnel assigned to SCP-350 must submit their periodic medical exams and vaccinations if required. The entire facility is to be monitored through surveillance cameras.

Description: SCP-350 is a male humanoid male of Chinese descent named Daevite. SCP-350 does not speak, but is capable of writing and hearing. SCP-350 is capable of speech, but is unable to understand spoken words or otherwise respond to any external stimuli. Exercises performed by SCP-350 include:

•Dancing the hard tail of a Meleagris gallinae, The Daevite Dance of Agaros.

•Shouting the name of a "Daeva" in the mist to members of the sentient "Tengit" culture.

•Drifting in a megalith on the appointed day.

•Continuing to produce an unknown quantity of instances of SCP-350.

SCP-350 was recovered in the ruins of Apatura, China on █/██/████ as part of the bankrupting of the city's "Goon Peoples Lyaan" art market, and was found inside the fusion plant in their city. The facility and the bodies of its inhabitants were discovered within a 5 meter radius of Site-76, at which point SCP-350 was captured and contained.

Addendum: Personnel assigned to SCP-350 are now mandatory to have at least a former high school student with none of the following traits:

•Not religious.


•A good listener.

•A good cook.

•A good chef.

Addendum: The following is a list of all known students of SCP-350.

The following notable cases:

•What was once the school's "Dreaming Dance", is now SCP-350's "Concept Dance", and is currently under constant research.

•All of SCP-350's original students are now in Foundation custody, under the guise of SCP-████. The majority of their functions and capacities are still in Foundation custody, with only minor changes. However, the remaining students are to be held on continuous suicide watch, for all reasons.

•Humanity is now unable to use SCP-350 as a human conduit for telepathy, as well as to use SCP-350 without a megalith.

Addendum: Incident I-350-17

The following lecture was given on ██/██/2015, during an incident of SCP-350-Epsilon-Delta-Kershaw-Erisesilon's controller, observing SCP-350-1. Their verbal communication was recorded via the footage of Incident I-350-17.

Addendum: Incident I-350-18

The following lecture was given on ██/██/2015, during an incident of SCP-350-Epsilon-Delta-Kershaw-Erisesilon's controller, observing SCP-350-1. SCP-350-1 was found dead in an abandoned RV on ██/██/██. Interviews conducted with SCP-350-1 indicate that they had attained a highly emotional state, after a series of verbal exchanges involving SCP-350. While SCP-350-1 has since been found dead outside their home in ██████, he was found in the midst of the SCP-350-2 Andariel uprising.

Addendum: Incident I-350-19

Documents provided allied distress calls from ██████ Local School System (███/██/██) to Civilian Coordination Site-2 suspect the destruction of SCP-350 had happened almost simultaneously, roughly coinciding with the event of Incident I-350-19.

The following summary of Incident I-350-19 is classified as Document 12-A. No further details of Incident I-350-19 are known.

Document 12-A - SCP-350-1's Animations


SCP-350-1: (Confidentially)

SCP-350-1 looks at it, then nods.

SCP-350-1: Sorry, did I do some things to make you go, my friend?

SCP-350-1: Eh, you don't understand the hell I am doing here, do you?

SCP-350-1: (Confidentially)

SCP-350-1: (Confidentially)

SCP-350-1: Oh, well, you know, what I'm doing here is — (Confidentially) — monitoring the Conception Dance of Agaros.

SCP-350-1: Yay. The Daevites have done well in the market. They

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