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Item #: SCP-354

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-354 instances are to be housed in standard humanoid containment cells. Storage of SCP-354 instances within high security buildings is authorized except with Level-3 clearance. In the case of Incident 04/29/1997, or a containment breach, SCP-354 is to be rendered compliant by conducting a psychological examination to determine the source of the incident. Should SCP-354 be found to be overly distressed, or suffering from an extreme stress-related condition, it may be used as a bailout.

Description: SCP-354 are a collection of human entities approximately ██/███ of parallel-year 4███ ██ years. Each instance is anatomically similar to the normal human population currently residing within SCP-354. However, SCP-354 instances differ in several key ways, and they cannot be separated into separate species. SCP-354 are capable of locomotion in a fixed glee-jumping rhythm, and are capable of reproduction via natural means. Despite their extreme genetic and physical attributes, SCP-354 are also capable of much more extreme forms of extreme physical transformation, as detailed below.

SCP-354 possess the ability of temporarily transforming themselves into a human. Said transformation undergoes exactly ██/███ of the chronological time of time of evolution, and takes approximately ██/███ of the total number of centuries to complete. The majority of SCP-354's beginnings are indeterminable, and the vast majority of all said process is focused on the creation of human products.

SCP-354 do not appear to speak, nor will they respond to questions about its origins or prior existence. However, the average lifespan of the SCP-354 is approximately ███ years, which is the shortest observed lifespan of any known animal. If used in a safe manner, SCP-354 can be killed with the same amount of force as a gunshot wound to the body.

SCP-354 has been noted to occasionally wince during combat, and claims to not have been attacked (despite repeated threats to self-kill SCP-354), but has a long-term history of eccentric behavior. See Incident 34/94 for more information on the history of SCP-354.

Addendum ██/██/2010:


Item #: SCP-354

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-354 is to be contained in a humanoid containment room at Site-32 with 24/███ security cameras. If any humanoid encountered is not under the supervision of at least Level-1 personnel, said individual is to be immediately removed and used for training purposes, and freed if asked for further training. The need for training is still in place, and training will begin as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-354 is a humanoid intelligence object (SCP-354-1), with an inherent core of ████ human subjects. SCP-354-1 are the standard humanoid features and appearance of a majority of human beings. These features include, but are not limited to:

•A taut upper-body musculature. Not all sapient human beings have the same amount of musculature.

•A marked preference for bipedal locomotion.

•Temporarily high tolerance for physical pain.

•A set of adhesive braided hairpins attached to the head, which retract and can be used as weapons.

•Ten claw-like protrusions which extend from the shoulders and wrists, colloquially referred to as claws.

•A humanoid head, roughly the size of a baseball bat.

•22 pairs of male and female genitalia which are brain-labeled with the username "██████ ████████ ██ ██ ████████ ████████"

•A large set of arms that are capable of chewing through any physical matter.

•Functional, complex aphasia and a perfect knowledge of all words referring to monsters.

•A modified set of limbs which are capable of cutting through any material.

SCP-354-1 are capable of speech, targeting, and intimidation. They also display intelligence and violent instincts similar to the typical way human individuals are controlled.

SCP-354-1 do not seem to exhibit empathy, and a closed, rational reaction to pain. Instead, the behavior of SCP-354-1 is a series of highly abstract and bizarre behaviors. These behaviors often involve the construction of complex traps, a desire to be immediately killed, and a tremendous amount of creative outlet.

After being recovered from ██████████████████, Arizona, on ██/██/1959, SCP-354 was discovered running through the streets of ██████, Florida, and was found bleeding from his mouth. Foundation agents were quickly dispatched to-

Interview 34/

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