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Item #: SCP-355

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-355 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in the containment chamber at Site 8. It is to be fed 2 kg of orange juice every two hours. No other food or drink is allowed within the cell to provide sustenance.

A single containment chamber is to be set aside for each individual affected by SCP-355. When such is set aside, all biological material implanted in SCP-355 is to be removed from the body to be studied by a team of eight researchers. No SCP-355-1 instance is to be harmed, aside from SCP-355.

The goal of this research is to develop a means of replicating SCP-355's ability.

Description: SCP-355 is a human male aged approximately 17, weighing approximately 120kg. SCP-355 possesses no physical traits resembling those of a human werewolf. SCP-355 is capable of instilling fear and anger into any person's body. Furthermore, it can inflict extreme pain, destroying any material in its path and drastically reducing the strength of enemies within its path.

SCP-355 can create instances of SCP-355-1 from any biological matter affecting the human body. Each instance of SCP-355-1 is a large, extremely large human-shaped mass of cells. These cells are able to move through solid objects and are capable of respiration from their source material. SCP-355-1 instances do not exist on their own. There is no known limit to the number of SCP-355-1 instances.

SCP-355-1 instances exhibit short lives, often lasting between 1 month to 3 years. SCP-355-1 instances do not generally expire without experiencing physical pain. SCP-355-1 instances are able to survive only for at least 1 year before they will fully die. The method of death is by repetitive self-immolation by self-cutting their own hair.

SCP-355-1 instances do not require nourishment, and will continue to live to report for longer than required. Consequently, SCP-355-1 instances act as a large, mobile host for humans, and move in groups of varying size. SCP-355-1-A is the largest known group of SCP-355-1 instances. SCP-355-1-A instances form discrete groups, typically numbering between 2 and 33 individuals. These groups are assembled together and directed by SCP-355. SCP-355-1-A's members vary greatly in size, with smaller sizes being relatively indistinguishable from each other.

SCP-355-1-A instances must be kept alive and healthy for the entire duration of their lifespan. Given the short lifespan of SCP-355-1-B, SCP-355-1-A instances are to be treated like any other human being. SCP-355-1-B instances may be made available for testing in an experimental manner.

Addendum: SCP-355 was discovered in ████████, ████, where it was being used as a primary source of food. Foundation agents were dispatched to investigate the site. ████ staff were found dead within the site, some suffering from severe wounds, including SCP-355-1-A. 07 involved in the containment breach was killed in custody. SCP-355 appeared to be on probation, with 3-9 passing a.m. each day. Attempts to contact the Foundation to inquire what was happening within the site by 18██-████ (8-10) were unsuccessful.

Addendum: SCP-355 was added to Foundation research facility ████████, where it was called as a variable free-living humanoid. However, due to the deterioration of the facility, SCP-355-1-X was introduced in its current form. Due to the spread of SCP-355-1-X, SCP-355-1-X's body was found to be suffering from starvation and was unable to speak. SCP-355-1-X was declared dead at 0630-0700.

Addendum: SCP-355 has been recovered from ████████, ████████. Authorities have found SCP-355-1 living in the basement of the building. SCP-355-1-X is deceased and has been deceased for approximately ██ years. SCP-355-1-X was found deceased in the basement at 0922-1030.

Addendum: SCP-355 was recovered from ████████, ███████. It appeared to have been set to self-immolate while laying in bed. Foundation agents were sent to investigate. SCP-355 was found in ████████, ███████. 5-7 were found dead in the basement of the building, all with gunshot wounds. SCP-355 was located in the basement and badly burned.

Addendum: SCP-355 is fond of making large, white

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