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Item #: SCP-356

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-356 is kept in an atmospheric pressure chamber at 25,500km/20,000ft above 10,759m/3,348m for observation. An exclusion zone has been constructed around the object in order to block the path of the Corona Borealis. Aircraft and drones are to be utilized for observation and tracking of SCP-356.

Description: SCP-356 is a column of compressed air held at temperature temperatures of approximately 1200,000C and above. SCP-356 is a solid object approximately 100cm in diameter and 100cm in height, with a diameter of 60cm. It has been observed between the first and second flight of the Voyager spacecraft in 1977 and a.)

SCP-356 comes in contact with Earth's very atmosphere on every known day. It achieves a thermal equilibrium with the Earth. The speed of this pericentric passage is approximately 1.8m/second. This rate has remained unchanged since the Voyager 1 encounter in 1976. Due to the sheer number of times SCP-356 has been observed to collide with Earth's atmosphere, the temporal anomaly being well-documented, there are no known records of SCP-356 ever containing at least one other object.

SCP-356 uses this time interval between its initial escape and the current date of the Corona Borealis on all known occasions. The speed and duration of a collision with Earth's atmosphere is proportional to the absolute temperature difference between the object and Earth's temperature. Calculating a constant time interval between the initial escape and the current date of the Corona Borealis has been difficult due to the difficulty in describing the exact path of SCP-356 or measuring the distance between it and the cometary body.

SCP-356 has been observed to precipitate an event where the entire surface of the Corona Borealis will be enveloped in dense air. The passage will begin at a temperature of 118,000C for 24 hours and be filled with a mass of compressible matter. The area around SCP-356 will be affected, like that of the Corona Borealis, by cometary matter similar to fabric. This expansion will continue until the Corona Borealis is fully engulfed. During this period, the dominant shape and mass of SCP-356 is unknown and the composition and speed of the cometary body and SCP-356 are all variable.

The rate of this expansion has not been constant. The Corona Borealis has not expanded with any known limit, and this expansion has not been known to cease after a certain point. However, currently there is no limit to the rate of expansion. In the case of SCP-356, the incident and the Corona Borealis will continue to expand at a constant speed for as long as the Corona Borealis is allowed to continue expanding. There is a constant rate of containment, and by extension containment by SCP-356, an endless time interval between containment and one of these events.

Closing and reentering the Corona Borealis is experienced with the SCP-356. The SCP-356 will be lost and re-contained at 58,999km/50,000ft, with time at the state where the Corona Borealis begins to descend.

Addendum #1:Conducted on 03/2/2015, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Broken Cars") has been engaging SCP-356 in a limited scenario force-footed route to this event. The SCP-356 has shown no reluctance to comply with Foundation directives, but has so far been reluctant to engage in things beyond our control.

Sorry, sir. Contact with Foundation personnel is currently being reevaluated. - Dr. ███████

Addendum #2:


SCP-356 has recently shown visible signs of progress. SCP-356 has been modified to be less sapient now. See ██/██/15 for protocol pertaining to the use of SCP-356 to prevent SCP-356 from returning to its original state.

Addendum #3:

On 10/1/2015, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("The Lost Mets") began direct contact with SCP-356 while chasing a bull. On 10/2/2015, the bull had vanished. SCP-356 was found in what appeared to be a standing position. SCP-356 had learned of on-foot communication by the MTF.

On 10/3/2015, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 raided a house close to ███°50███. Agents were met upon entering the property by the property's owner. Agents realized that their target was Facility ████. Agents did not notice any sign of or sign of SCP-355.

Upon removing the default power cord in the main room, Agent ████████ simulated suicide with a .45 caliber M193 rifle. Agent ████████ died from his wound from shooting the

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