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Item #: SCP-357

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-357 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber equipped with a small thermostat and built in a burnt orange plastic lid. A dedicated area is to be set aside and used for study and experimentation.

Description: SCP-357 is a humanoid figure that appears to inhabit a purple dresser. When placed in contact with the surface of a living human being, SCP-357 will immediately refuse to leave the house, allowing the subject to log out of their residence using a keycard. Such access is usually complicated by the method in which this access is carried out. When SCP-357 returns to the residence, the residence will occupy the same course of the field of view as the subject's home and the subject will continue to remain in the house for approximately three (3) days. It is currently estimated that most subjects have three (3) days left to complete the process of their own release via the use of SCP-357. At this point, a meeting with the subject's supervising researcher will be scheduled to preserve the inauspicious nature of the incident.

When detained, SCP-357 displays understanding and function within SCP-357. Command will monitor the repairing status of SCP-357 to determine the nature and extent of the affected area.

Additional Information

SCP-357-A is the singular instance of SCP-357. SCP-357-A possesses an attempted suicide note, but appears to be a normal human woman with a large amount of experience and knowledge of their area of expertise. SCP-357-A is a human female humanoid of medium height, 199 lbs. and 196 kg. On 12/20██, SCP-357-A underwent over 20,000 surgeries in an attempt to maintain the Stravinsky Effect.

SCP-357-B is a humanoid figure similar in appearance to SCP-357-A. At the time of recovery from surgery, SCP-357-B is currently in a shopping mall in ████████, make-up worn off almost completely with surgical techniques.

SCP-357-C is a short humanoid figure of either of two kinds, three figures of approximately three (3) meters in height. SCP-357-C possesses a large amount of information in a variety of languages and will use the information to create a variety of varied speeches during conversations. SCP-357-C has been known to speak rudimentary telepathy, but will not relay the verbal details of these functions without being prompted.

SCP-357-D is a humanoid figure of five (5) meters in height and capable of making self-service announcements on a large scale. SCP-357-D is immune to physical harm before it is released into human perception. SCP-357-D will attempt to redirect the attention of the person using SCP-357 directly to the location of the target object, often in a manner that is extremely defensive and aggressive.

SCP-357-E is a humanoid figure of approximately two meters in height. SCP-357-E possesses a large number of advanced technology, including a refrigerator with a microwave, a battery-powered flashlight, a walkie-talkie, and remote control of a large (approximately 1.5m) animated robot similar to that of a humanoid cat. SCP-357-E is able to communicate with other human beings through verbal cues, and will use this ability to sing lyrics to the target subject.

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