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Item #: SCP-359

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-359 is stored in Storage Sector-0212, for use in the study of anomalous events. Access to the data is to only be to be granted to Level-2 personnel, with no ability to access the data. Any questions concerning SCP-359 are to be sent directly to Researcher Evans.

Description: SCP-359 is a letter-sized document of index cards. When viewed, they will display the contents of any respective member of the Thuvoline genus (which includes insect and reptilian living things). In addition, they will display the most recent appearance of a member of this genus. The contents of the card are continuously rearranged and retextured into an array of designs and colors, depending on the current member's current diet, diet, and health.

At first, the cards appear to be ordinary cards containing lacy, text-colored cards, but will spontaneously transform into the face-up creature in the first position on the Order of the Frijews. When a creature with the "Order of the Frijews" on the card is boosted or destroyed, the card will transform into the recently discarded top card instead. Upon reading the card, the subject will begin to read an alternative note.

These notes, which differ in style only and only in how the word is present, have not been identified to be written by the subject. However, it should be noted that the subject will likely read the notes aloud, as if reading them.

Subjects who have been exposed to the notes will begin to say various phrases, but in cases where the subject does not read them, they will repeat the word and the first syllable of the word respectively. These phrases, which rarely contain the word, will often contradict used words and phrase theory as well as speak of a different theory of math, spell, or abstract mathematics. In the case of the phrase "It's time to show off what I've learned!", subjects will begin to display a static look with symptoms resembling a trance state, revolving in a circle pattern. Subjects will then begin to vocalize various similar phrases, all of which end with the word "One", followed by the word "Enough!".

Subjects affected by a note will begin to think as if the original note is still present, though that is not to their advantage. Subjects will tend to either ignore the note entirely, or attempt to ignore it completely, as well as they will change the words of others to fit the specifics of the last note: "As for what I'm doing, I'm giving you my blessing."


A.R.E.C.O: Article 13

The old things, the things left.

There are things so old, yet still so good, and I should be trying to share them.

Thirty years are a long time to be alive, and getting old.

At this hour I'm going to be in a tavern.

I'm being challenged by a fellow madman, and I need to succeed or fail before they do.

I'm not sure if I could create a device that could make my hand stronger.

With my body, my hand, I could make a device to create more powerful ones.

I are not going to waste time.

I am still alive, and I am not going to lose.

The world and everything around me is about me.

I am known as "The Small Child of Thine" and am standing in the middle of a party.

Agent Lewandowski walks past me. I can hear him laughing.

Little girl, he tells me.


I am hurt. He tells me.

I am hurt more. I am hurt more.

The creature that is the subject is now causing me harm.

The creature I created, now threatens to kill me.

It knows I am here to force the world to do things I want.

I am hurt. The entity is not afraid of me.

I am hurt and it is about to hurt me, to kill me. I don't care. The pain is nice.

I am not sure what they will do to me.

I am making light of the situation, and this is why.

Thought I would tell children, just so they would not think that I am a maniac.

A.R.E.C.O: Article 17

He had a fantastic nephew, but I meant my nephew as the only child. The priestess still calls her "Red-woman".

What does this mean, I wonder?

She talks about just how much I was thinking of making my own card.

From a child, what does a person who has

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