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Item #: SCP-360

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-360 is kept in a large enclosure at least three meters in diameter. The containment chamber is to be kept on its side of the page from which SCP-360 is read, and its containment room is to be kept closed to the point of being night-safe. SCP-360 is not to be kept in a desk, and has been refused food by Foundation personnel, so long as it is awake and aware of where it is.

Due to SCP-360's behavior, he has been given multiple personnel with night-safe hours. All new personnel are to be informed that night-safe hours are to be kept on, and a book of information (hereafter referred to as AO-32/362) is to be kept in SCP-360's containment room alongside SCP-360.

Description: SCP-360 is a domestic cat named "Small-Cat" by anomalyally experienced pet owners. In addition, SCP-360 runs a large online isle devoted exclusively to micro-terrestrial subjects.

SCP-360 is essentially a sandbox . . .. an open sandbox for any and all Foundation personnel with a day-to-day life (or "inside" life) to enter,."

SCP-360 is a cat named "Small-Cat" and a collection of articles that can lend to life in a human-centric society, the concept of SCP-360 being the "Smarter Everyday Cat" portrayed by the assistant of Dr. ████████'s with his son ███, Hank.

SCP-360 retains its former acting self-portrait, as well as a consistent portal for entities to teleport inside of it.

SCP-360 has been "feared" for several years, mainly for its mental health. Due to this psychological trauma, SCP-360 has recently gained a method of teleportation; however, the portal cannot be fully explored.

Whereas SCP-360 gradually becomes more curious and understanding of new human people and other entities, SCP-360 is too strong for this to occur. However, SCP-360 has been historically successful, as SCP-360's success and the amalgamation of Mother Origin and SCP-██ ████ have led to the formation of an urban mythology within SCP-360's containment chamber.

There are three profiles of SCP-360's existence.

SCP-360 was originally an adopted cat to Mother Origin. SCP-360 was originally found in ██████, ██████ with a group that originated from the █████ ████ Foundation. SCP-360 was released to a variety of anomalous entities. The Foundation attempted to immediately shut all groups within SCP-360's containment chamber, as it possesses the ability to teleport at will. The Foundation had uncontrolled access to SCP-360's template and could not contain it.

Initial containment by SCP-360 has led to the discovery of SCP-███, ████, and ████, causing a number of problems due to the fact that SCP-360 is unable to travel to the other two cities without triggering the anomalyality of SCP-███.

During the initial containment of SCP-███, SCP-360 was approached by Small-Cat. He presented SCP-360 with a small radio, asking it to relinquish SCP-360 to him somehow. SCP-360 refused and instead planned to kill all three persons, only to run out of food as the children who already are gathered in his containment chamber started throwing objects at it. SCP-360 did not stop until the children had run out of food. All three civilians died and SCP-360 took four (4) other abandoned cats with him.

SCP-360's containment chamber has been used to contain SCP-███, SCP-████, SCP-███, SCP-███, and several other entities. SCP-360 has also been continuously unable to interact with SCP-████.

Author: Rejekyll

Elementary - Test of Spirit



Test Thread

Elementary is a collection of articles written about the supernatural in the SCP universe.

SCP-260 is a test of spirit.

Test This writes the actual test logs of our test and other testing.

The most popular is the component test, which is for the "What if I had to use my Time Traveler's Library to try and understand the Foundation?" story. I started writing it after reading Kain Pathos Crow's warning post that would eventually lead to the containment of SCP-143. It has since expanded into two sections, the first being to identify the specific anomaly that will occur, and the second been to come up with a way to deal with it.

Test This has been reworked for three reasons: The results of the tests has made it a little more interesting, the tests have grown more

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