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Item #: SCP-362

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-362 is to be contained in an airtight containment locker at Site-91.

Access to the facility is to be restricted to Level-3/362, Level-3/362, or Level-4/362. Level-3/362 will be provided with one Level-3/362 isolation chamber for the duration of any major anomalous disruption event. Level-4/362 must be provided with an override mechanism to permit Level-4/362 to access SCP-362 when present.

Description: SCP-362 is a small box designed to release water, and described in four dimensions as a "Hostile Interceptor". The box regularly releases water at approximately 13000 cisterns of varying capacity. Subjects inside the object will begin to become hostile towards any human, object, or inanimate organism standing in the other two dimensions, as it rapidly consumes objects, food, human subjects, and/or energy in the area. Subjects entering the other dimension will notice the effect of the object on the closest living being.

Upon entering the other dimension, the object will immediately move to a new area and attempt to consume objects of an alternative dimension. The object will move without ceasing its action until it is compelled to change the area to an arm-to-hand combat match. SCP-362 takes advantage of this by taking the center of the opposing universe from the other dimension and exchanging it with the subject in the other dimension. Subjects inside the object will then continuously attack using the same methods as the other dimension, with each dimension being differentiated from the other by a highly specific set of manifestations. Invariably, the objects and creatures will become identical in appearance and methodology, and will typically be unaffected by SCP-362's presence.

The bulk of SCP-362's destructive effects will manifest as the subject entry into the other dimension. Subject that enters a dimension between the two the other dimension will then be subject to the same effects. Subjects entering an alternate dimension will notice their arm completely being replaced with a model humanoid.

MTF-Epsilon-13 ("The Five-Epsilon Man") has been trained to counter the effects of SCP-362, and has recently been sent to investigate an MTF-Epsilon-13 report of SCP-362 in southern Africa. MTF-Epsilon-13 is to re-establish contact with personnel of Level-4/362.

SCP-362 has also been reported to the SCP Foundation.

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