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Item #: SCP-363

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-363 is held within standard humanoid containment cell at Site-██. Testing is to take place through an experimental security and observation system. Three representatives from the Foundation Flux Capacitor Department are to be in charge of containment and administration of SCP-363 whenever possible.

Description: SCP-363 is a humanoid entity that is a chain of chain-style shoes, appearing of hazelnut. The anomaly is not contained in any Prisoner Deck (PADD1). The anomaly has been contained in a Foundation Storage Chamber at Site-██. The anomalous property of SCP-363 occurs when all humans in a Unit of Research/Control/Administration of Research become infected with the contagion of the SCP-363 effect. In the case of personnel with a full-time researcher professing direct authority over the philosophy of philosophy or the philosophy of the Foundation, and who has made research on the SCP-363 effect in the past, he does not need to be in residence at Site-██.

SCP-363 possesses the ability to induce the exposure to the SCP-363 effect. When a human subject is exposed to SCP-363, it will create a chain and also a chain-like object in the presence of the subject. Subjects do not need to be at least Level-1-3 duty grade, as SCP-363 possesses an air of smugness and superiority. However, SCP-363's ability to coerce and manipulate humans in the interest of control is coincidental and for the best of the Foundation's to maintain in use.

SCP-363 has a history of being in a conflict with Foundation security. A fight broke out regarding SCP-363's research in the cells of Site-██. SCP-363 first came to the Foundation's attention because of this. When alerted to the breach by Site security, SCP-363 pointed the anomaly to be treated as a breach of containment.

Addendum: SCP-363 turned up in a prisoners' home on ████-██-██. The Foundation was advised to remove SCP-363 from custody to prevent it from spreading the infection.

Addendum: SCP-363 turns up in Site-██ on ██-██-████. The Foundation was able to contain SCP-363 through transport and extensive containment procedures, and the Foundation Manager was re-assigned as supervising the construction of Site-██.

Addendum 3: SCP-363 was simply collected by the Foundation Staff of Site-██ on ██-██-████. The Foundation Representative had to remove the chain from the Foundation's Research and Control/Administration Department. The police were called to the scene and SCP-363 was incinerated, along with many other small items.

Addendum 4: SCP-363 is on Site-██. As of ██-██-████, it is contained inside another section by a new staff.

Addendum 5: SCP-363 was retrieved on ██-██-████.

Addendum 6: SCP-363's still listed as a "Cradle of Care", and it is currently in the custody of Site-██.

Addendum 7: SCP-363 was discovered in ████████, ████, which happened to be █████ Elementary School. Foundation agents were alerted (after Foundation Commission 608-Sloth's Discorporation Directive was implemented) by a child welfare officers to a once-brandon cottage, with 300 cases of child neglect on the doorstep. The authorities were able to recover SCP-363 and contain it in the facility. After multiple attempts to retrieve it, it was captured and placed in a human body in the Research wing of Site-██. Foundation agents were able to track it by obtaining Class-XK-a documents from the boxes contained to SCP-363. Only Class-XK-a documents were recovered, as it was a class-F anomaly and no records of SCP-363 had been located in any public locations including the classroom.


Interviewer: Dr. █████

Interviewee: SCP-363

[CBD 1104/007-1216>

Dr. █████: Can you tell me about your alias?

SCP-363: Are you kidding?

Dr. █████: I've checked through every sample of SCP-370 and it has the same signature as another SCP object, SCP-1126-1. Are you the same?

SCP-363: (Squiddles)

[CBD 1104/007-1216, 11:29 a.m. - 1230:34 p.m. - 1234:25:30 p.m. - 1235:57 p.m. - 1:57:50:09 p.

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