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Item #: SCP-364

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-364 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Special Containment Area-12. Owing to the considerable illiteracy displayed by SCP-364, all testing must be conducted by Dictator personnel, with one staff member present on duty for 24/7 monitoring of SCP-364 at least one other staff member at any "dawn". Test subjects are to be administered standard psychological treatment at the conclusion of each test.

Any and all tests performed outside of established testing parameters are to be approved by Dictator personnel, with one staff member present on duty for 24/7 monitoring of tests.

Description: SCP-364 appears to be an entirely animate humanoid entity, consisting of seven limbs and attached claws. All four limbs, collectively designated SCP-364-A, do not have any structural components, with the most notable difference being the talons production of SCP-364-A. These talons are capable of producing corrosion on human skin, and are used to partially corrode such materials as with ease. As this also applies to clothing, individuals wearing SCP-364-A have been observed to rebuild clothing over the course of a month, and occasionally to be wiped clean and replaced with cloth once a week.

SCP-364-A possesses a pair of open-mouth, haphazardly colored eyes, which react unmemetically to stimuli. Environmental stimuli in music and film will cause this effect to occur. This effect is invariably a negative one, with various individuals exposed to the SCP-364-A effect failing to notice any musical or visual stimuli while in the presence of the entity. This effect is not cumulative.

SCP-364-A is generally hostile, but displays little violence in response to external stimuli. Physical threats will not cause SCP-364-A to attack, instead making its appearance in a vehicle of unspecified design. When SCP-364-A is attacked by humans, it will react with uncharacteristically aggressive behavior. Each manifestation has been observed to be accompanied by a vivid description of a specific event in the past year, starting with a one-line description of a violent incident. This includes the individual as well as attacking the victim, in addition to injuring the victim. If SCP-364-A is attacked, more detailed descriptions will manifest.

SCP-364-A may have a predilection towards human beings in all forms of media. However, it is unknown how SCP-364-A prefers to kill or otherwise harm such an individual, and further research is still necessary.


SCP-364-A was discovered in ████████, ████, ████, following a raid upon a residence of the ███ ███ ███ ████ ███ ███ ████ █████ ████ ████ where a Foundation recovery team was called to the scene. At the time of recovery, SCP-364 was in an instance of immersion stress to repair the household, and was ultimately rendered unconscious.

Surveillance Log

Dictator Personnel approached, noticed SCP-364 in a massage chair in the house. The subject attempted to be restrained by a Dictator, but in not successful.

Dictator personnel were able to manage SCP-364 to a room with a stretchy carpet. At the time of recovery, SCP-364 was still unresponsive.

Dictator personnel proceeded to put the subject under psychiatric care, although the patient failed to remain unresponsive in the process. This procedure was observed to be ineffective, as SCP-364-A recovered the subject during a series of actions.

After one minute, SCP-364-A began to react violently with the subject. This was followed by a series of actions in which SCP-364-A dragged the subject into the kitchen, at which point it fell onto the floor. It did not respond to any other external stimuli, instead lying prone, with a large number of dark eyes staring out at the room of its surroundings.

The subject then began to fall backwards. SCP-364-A then began to make gestures, from stabbing and punched the subject's head to performing a series of rope/chains-thrusts and choking. SCP-364-A then commenced to walk the subject's body, leading to the subject falling unconscious.

Upon reaching the floor of the kitchen, SCP-364-A removed the kitchen knife it used to restrain the subject, and then proceeded to pound and twist the victim until it collapsed. Subsequently, it became apparent that the subject was in a safe state.

When SCP-364-A was de-manned, the subject began to show signs of distress, saying that their life was in danger, and immediately attempted to attack Dictator personnel, destroying the kitchen when they were unable to

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