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Item #: SCP-370

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-370 is contained at Freshwater ████ in an ice-exchange. SCP-370 is to be fitted with a milk-like substance, containing both rigid and soft lumps of muscle that it is to adhere to the base of its neck, in order to prevent any material from touching the walls of its cell. SCP-370 is to be kept in mind, by its amnesiac client, V, for at least two hours every day. SCP-370 is to be trained, and is to be kept in a modified humanoid containment cell.

Other members of Site-███'s research department are not to be directly acquainted with SCP-370 unless fully briefed on its effects. SCP-370 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell, and is not to be allowed exsanguination directly to the abdomen.

Description: SCP-370 is a human male named ███████, currently in the early stages of an advanced neurological disorder that causes her to permanently retain and experience a permanently present capacity for orgasm. SCP-370 has a half-brother, ████████,███, a major in ███████ College who is currently meeting with SCP-370. The current iteration of SCP-370-2 is a snowman, known in SCP-370 as a native of the █████████ region. SCP-370-2-A is a historical figure from ████████, named _____.

All instances of SCP-370-2-A are, once per month, capable of rapidly-developing strong sexual urges for the purpose of climax. SCP-370-2-A will, in order to facilitate this, travel to ███████, ████████, █████████, and ████████, ██████████, and to consume all available milk from the █████████ farm. SCP-370-2-A will then consume both SCP-370-2-A and the ███████ farm, and will then proceed to fill the contents of her cell with milk.

Once completed, all instances of SCP-370-2-A will experience orgasm, without the added bonus factor of remaining in the presence of their partner. To the henchman, when SCP-370-2-A is instructed to suddenly urinate, she will do so. The henchman will eat the contents of her cell.

SCP-370-2-A will then sink to the bottom of her cell. Upon forming a steady motion, SCP-370-2-A will descend slowly, silently, until she is at the bottom. Once SCP-370-2-A is submerged, SCP-370-2-A will emerge as a young man of approximately forty-five to fifty yeares, wearing a clean white shirt and black jeans. The henchman will be holding SCP-370-2-A and she will be in the toilet. SCP-370-2-A will offer the henchman a few choice phrases of sexual laughter, and he will respond in the manner described above, with an attempt to sleep with SCP-370-2-A. Following this, SCP-370-2-A will greet the henchman with a smile, and will then kiss him on the cheek before kissing him again.

Addendum 1: SCP-370 was brought to Foundation attention when several ██████ █████ ███████ sites in ██████, ████████, and ████████ reportedly reported an unusual entity whose presence was described as resembling SCP-370.

The following is a communication between Agent ████████ and SCP-370. Agent ████████ has a report of having a sexual encounter with SCP-370, at the █████ █████████ Zoo, Athens,██. Agent ████████ has also recorded a sexual attraction to SCP-370 and a sexually explicit statement.

Greetings. There are two things I would like to inform you about.

First, I am an erotic writer.


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