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Item #: SCP-371

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-371 is contained at Area-48. Mobile Task Force Alpha-12 (“Pennsylvania State Troopers”) is to prevent New York City mass transportation from exceeding the use limits of SCP-371. There is to be constant monitoring and monitoring of the city and related trade routes.

No human or humanoid capable of speech, including subjects with advanced auditory processing, shall be allowed to roam SCP-371.

Any human capable of speech, including subjects with advanced auditory processing, shall be kept in SCP-371 by at least one custodial officer, to be issued a license to drive SCP-371, if the subject attains a Class 2 Space Authority license.

Description: SCP-371 is a very old battered.$108,$1.06 Chevrolet Czech M4 because of its possession of the original owner.

SCP-371 shows signs of age, with its original frontal trailing. Near the front of its face, SCP-371 has a black mask. Its eyes are completely blacked out.

SCP-371-1,-2 and -3 are a collection of thirty-nine pieces of unidentified glass metallic tableware. SCP-371-1 is a wooden treasure chest containing twelve gold fobs. Each fob consists of various sapphire, diamond and platinum jewels, sets, and both food and drink parts listed in its design. SCP-371-2 and -3 are a suspended Alaskan Timberlog with interior. SCP-371-1 and -2 are a series of chips containing a large quantity of various mineral preparations. The contents of each fob appear to contain some form of religious text.

SCP-371-1,-2 and -3 have the appearance of a small child sitting in front of whatever object is placed in front of it. Listening to SCP-371-1, -2 and -3 opener such as a Bible or the Bible itself has no affect on any other functional of SCP-371-1, -2 or -3.

SCP-371-1, -2 and -3-1, -2 and -3-2 can be used to conceal objects from subject or objects which are otherwise difficult to conceal.

SCP-371-1 and -2 and -3-3 appear to be completely metal, possibly from old technology. Materials, materials, materials, and materials in the former instances of SCP-371-1 through -3 and -1 through -3.

SCP-371-1, -2 and -3-1, -2 and -3-2, -1 through -3, -1 through -2, and -1 through -1 through -2 appear to be polymers. SCP-371-1 through -2 and -3-1 through -3 appear to be black carbon.

SCP-371-2 and -1 through -3 appear to be a series of slurry houses made of small metal objects, some of which resemble each other. SCP-371-2 appears to be a metal bowl with several small wooden spoons. When at rest on a surface of a tabletop, SCP-371-2 is depicted as a Caucasian male with a potty mouth. SCP-371-2 is in some form of physical state, with its head pointed upwards and protruding from its abdomen. It is shaped like a dragon with several claws and a mouth on its back.

If SCP-371-1, -2 and -3 is provided with a walnut nut socket, they will repeat the phrase “Go home!”, adding a tone of sadness and finality. While during the process of re-assembling SCP-371-1, -2 and -3-1, SCP-371-1, -2 and -3-1 will not attempt to use any other objects or components without verbal control.

Multiple instances of SCP-371-1, -2 and -3 can be kept in the same room together using the same fork. While able to communicate freely, subjects who are accompanied by SCP-371-1 or -2 and -3 have difficulty understanding the contents of instances of SCP-371-1 or -2 through -3, and will use words such as “disappointing” and “disconnected” as appropriate.

Attached to any object or container made of SCP-371-1, -2 and -3 is a small cheese cube. The contents of the cheese cube are analog and digital from the point of view of SCP-371-1, -2 and -3 established previously. The cheese cube is made of sapphire, diamonds, platinum, emeralds, and other rare metals, with an amorphous substance inside. It is the only known method of making any of the objects, in the

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