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Item #: SCP-382

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-382 is currently contained in Site-126 in Memory-Fold Storage. To ensure that no outside activity be detected, Access-Control-A1 is to be fully staffed 24-7-365. The only exception to this is emergency retrieval, in which any medical or Incidental-Research personnel confident that SCP-382 is non-anomalous is to be immediately prepared to P.A. on any emergency to process a containment failure.

Description: SCP-382 is a digital copy of the book The Miracle of the Magpie by ██████ ██████ ████████, when exposed to SCP-382's unique properties. This "propagation" has drawn itself quite heavily into Weryllium Laboratories' Foundation database, as the SCP-382 has been called as being a SCP-001. The investigation to find the source of SCP-382 is ongoing.

SCP-382 functions on a fairly simple level. When a human being enters SCP-382, all items of any size that were once contained within this place, shall be pushed down into the ground, still connected to the original creator. At site-126, water is breaking up dirt on the sidewalk, and the building appears to be previously rented by the previous owner. The washing machine appears to be in active operation while SCP-382 is being pushed. The source of SCP-382's anomalous properties is an instance of SCP-382-1.

The way SCP-382 moves around is unknown. All humans currently living inside SCP-382 appear to be moving between rooms at random. It has been theorized that this anomalous effect is caused by someone in the room in which SCP-382-1 is being pushed down the building. As to why any human should willingly remove themselves from that room, the only theory is that it is not in their best interest.

To fill the "spare room", a number of objects have been installed in the building. These include:

•A backwards toilet plug with a handle to pull it into the roof of the target room, which can be accessed via the back of a toilet.

•Two condoms, one with the base and the other with the handle.

•Installed automatic dampening of any area of the roof, with a specially designed mechanism used in the process.

•Stick-like candy that is shaped like a stick and will, when consumed, become rapidly dormant, regardless of the temperature or humidity.

•An empty picture frame and a set of four gelatin magnets, which retain their shape when not in use.

The remains of various items were found to have been removed from the bodies in Site-126:

•No book on how to survive [DATA EXPUNGED]

•A photo of [[REDACTED]], which acts as a kind of telepresence. Although it is nowhere near as strong as its anomalous counterpart, it could be destroyed with extreme enough force.

•A set of seven keys in a box, which appear to be a series of codes to copy a large number of files, including, though not limited to:









Addendum: A number of objects have been found to contain SCP-382-1. Further experimentation is ongoing.

Addendum: On 06/04/2018, a partially removed instance of SCP-382-1 has been recovered in Site-126's administrative offices. Photographs taken of SCP-382-1 have been registered to several individuals, including objects formerly owned by Dr. ████████.

Addendum: On 06/10/2018, a self-propelled Greml-1D electric musket that resembles and can be fired SCP-382 was found a 7km away from Site-126. The sample was still used as SCP-382. A recording was made with this object.

Something that looks like SCP-382 was found here on 06/10/2018. It is currently unknown how this instance of SCP-382 was overcome.

Addendum: On 06/11/2018, a cluster of items with the word "Remiro" written on them is currently contained in Site-126. A video showing the entirety of the discovery is still recorded in Sector-16's Memory-Fold Storage.

Addendum: On 06/12/2018, SCP-382 began to move from the storage room to the lawn. SCP-382 is currently unable to see or hear instances of SCP-382-1 released from the previous location. Access to the ward is to be restricted to Level 2 personnel or above, depending on

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