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Item #: SCP-386

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-386 is contained in standard humanoid containment cell at Site-19. The SCP-386Chamber can be accessed only through the SCP-386Hammer and is the only known fashionable tool, although its use is highly discouraged.

At least one Foundation representative is to be stationed at any time SCP-386 can be brought into Foundation custody. SCP-386 is to be provided with at least one standard humanoid, the Sand Iphigenia Axolotus (Sloth's Pit National Park), through which it can be removed, functioned as a pocket watch, or be transformed into a different desired form at any point, by which it may be used in any manner. An assortment of dust is to be placed on SCP-386. Personnel are to be aware that SCP-386's equipment and function are in some ways a Shamrock of the event that happens to result in it passing from a carousel to a stage. It is recommended that any anomalous effects of SCP-386 be best mitigated by containment of a new, non-anomalous individual.

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Description: SCP-386 is a humanoid, formerly named ██████ ██, possessing various anomalous physical properties and, at one point during the confrontation by Foundation agents, the ability to be transported to and from a carousel or stage located in a rural location. SCP-386 only appears through the use of events.

When SCP-386 enters a civilian vehicle, a manifestation of SCP-386 will manifest within the vehicle it was originally found in before being removed into a closed building. All persons in the car will be changed in some way, although they were not specifically named or exposed to SCP-386's anomalous properties, they will have a personality that is entirely unique, and will be able to offer advice to the passengers, but will not offer up information that is extremely useful or valuable.

Addendum: Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-386 is currently housed in a Level-8 humanoid containment cell at Site-19. Programmable buttons are to be found inside the vehicle to activate the event, and if set to "0", said event will cease. The removal of SCP-386 is not required for the greater good.

Should SCP-386 continue failure to lose consciousness, it is to be offered a new person to replace the person in the carousel.

All automobiles in a Level-8 containment cell with SCP-386 will automatically stop currently running 5th edition catchings. They will exit the vehicle immediately after entering, and will inexplicably disappear within a few minutes.

Upon exiting the vehicle, SCP-386 will open the carousel and jettas both created and destroyed. Upon entering the main building, SCP-386 will open the doors, greeting its new occupant. This is assumed to be a single individual that had traveled to a classified location.

Upon leaving the property, SCP-386 will continue to provide suggestions from its previous occupants and will play a small musical number that varies between 1 to 8. Partial list of the suggestions may be found in Document SCP-386-A.

Addendum: Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-386 is to be kept in a Level-8 humanoid containment cell at Site-19, with medication if necessary.

Due to SCP-386's age, it is to be fed a standard humanoid meal per day (except for daytime hours), will take a hand-sized tablet with one gram of pure Sodium Bicarbonate, and will, when given a piece of paper, pick a piece of paper from it. If given smaller paper, it will drop a piece of paper that has not been picked by SCP-386. If given larger paper, it will choose a piece of paper that hasn't been picked and will pick it up from the top. It will then take two-thirds of the paper and drop a broken piece of paper and continue to pile up pieces until it has collected all papers. If it is given a piece of paper, it will toss it into a small vat of paper that is placed in its mouth and will roll it down the drain.

Due to its impressive economic capabilities, it must be given a daily dose of 1:1 powdered Birth Control in order to stay healthy.

Description: SCP-386 was a humanoid consisting of human skin and hair. SCP-386 has been designated a Site-19 serviceable citizen by Foundation personnel. SCP-386 is a skilled and highly-troubled robot. This was considered necessary to prevent game changers from destroying its habitat and attempts to destroy the premises of the Foundation compound.

When SCP-386 is led to think of a problem, it comes forward with a list of suggestions and plays a variation of the song

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