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Item #: SCP-039

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A total of five 3 1.5-ton granite replicas of Alice's automobile are to be stored in a secure, air-tight steel container in Site-███'s incinerator. These replicas are to be kept in a glass box crafted from the original vehicle in the back of a small glass container. An antitemplate (an electromechanical method invented by Dr. █████) is used to allow for safe containment of the replica.

Description: SCP-039 is a non-anomalous model of the three-door Ford Transit Transit Van. SCP-039A shows signs of transformation throughout its physical structure. Both the left and right edges of SCP-039A have been worn. Other than this, SCP-039A is normal for any vehicle manufactured by Ford between 1978 and 2015.

SCP-039A was found in the back of a 1989 Ford Grand Prix of Mexico City, CA, when the original model was not within the storage compartment. The vehicle had been lost in a series of accidents, resulting in a total loss of its engine and transmission, as well as damage to the center of the vehicle. SCP-039A's engine was replaced with a scrap Ford Transit Van engine, which could be used to power SCP-039A.

SCP-039A's original color scheme consists of chocolate, black, orange, white, and gray. SCP-039A's interior is unremarkable, with black leather seats, tinted windowpanes, and plain white paint on the exterior of the vehicle.

A small metal box is housed within SCP-039A. Through an unknown production line, a 3-tonne bronze replica of SCP-039A is manufactured by a company called Replica Stolper, in Zurich, Switzerland. Each owned by the company has all kinds of modifications not present in the original model, such as high-strength, incredibly sharp blades. Fixes on SCP-039A's interior are all different in appearance, and the angle of the rib are an average of about equivalent to the original model's. SCP-039A's engine uses the ideas of the original model's design, while Replica Stolper's multimillion-watt-hour-per-year-electric-car is based on a cleverly modified technology.

SCP-039A's original metal roof is made of solid transparent plastic, while its interior is solid solid granite. SCP-039A is able to still move by merely shimmying and bathing in water, and all of its joints and gears are made of its own, solid granite.

The vehicle had been designated SCP-039A-A and contained on-site, with coordinates for Site-██ and the interior of Site-██. SCP-039A was transferred to a different non-anomalous Foundation facility, and its containment procedures were later updated.

Interim site-wide containment of SCP-039A is being considered. Foundation forces are to be mobilized to contain any further instances of SCP-039A. All instances of SCP-039A are to be kept in separate secure media environments. Experiments are currently underway to determine how SCP-039A's original is affected by the same factors as SCP-039A.


1. The standard ingredient for the standard breakfast cereal is corn starch.

2. A type of ceramic apple which resembles an ancient pastel, with a sleek black leather-grain pattern and scarlet-orange-tinting.

3. The current state of SCP-039A's engine is unknown.

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