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Item #: SCP-040

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-040 is to be contained in a standard Safe level containment unit. Such units are to be equipped with integrated video monitoring systems. Instances of SCP-040 are to be stored in secure storage in a secure location in Site-██. Instances of SCP-040 are to be contained in a standard Safe-level containment unit.

SCP-040 is to be fed a standard standard Humanoid Quarantine diet in a 12-hour cycle. SCP-040 is to receive an IV drip twice a day as needed. SCP-040 is to be advised not to exceed a load of 3.94kg per day to prevent development of secondary infections.

ALL personnel are to be given the necessary medical and psychological care.

Description: SCP-040 is a human female of British-Irish descent. SCP-040 is also an instance of SCP-040a, a 2-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with formerly untreated illnesses. SCP-040a has an IQ of 2867 and a body mass index of 26th percentile*35. SCP-040a is to be fed a standard Humanoid Quarantine diet.

SCP-040b is an instance of SCP-040a, a 2-year-old female who is allowed to be given study time in the ED and is to receive medical treatment.

SCP-040c is an instance of SCP-040b with an IQ of 22.721 and a body mass index of 40th percentile*35. SCP-040c is allowed access to the ED.

Notes from the Incident 40-Ipsie-Lithia:

SCP-040i is the longest-serving member of MTF Pi-1. She has been an ED resident for about ten years, and likes to volunteer. She is fully capable of operating the Medical Branch and her family's own EDs, but we want to give her a chance to really develop and improve.

Each of SCP-040i's small arms has arthritis in it to the point of weakness. This doesn't seem to bother her at all, but her knees are growing sore at the moment.

SCP-040i is too slow with her emotions, and is sometimes one of the last in the room to help her. Every time she tries to be emotional with her family, all she says is "When is it going to be okay?" They all seem to be okay at the moment, but before long they start to feel dizzy, and are said to be becoming "coughing up." This makes it worse for them, because it cuts down on their emotional comfort.

The only way to treat anything like that is to ignore it, and keep going. As long as they continue to be emotional with them, they will continue to get better. At some point, they will have to ask for help. As long as they are patient and believe they can make them feel better, they can't let it unstick.

We're getting close to that point. A few more weeks if the physical could hold out without the emotional stress. Once that's done, there will be other ways to get them in better condition, and we can get a better prognosis.

We've been working on this for the last few hours. We're not sure if that's as significant an improvement as we hoped for, but we're looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

I know we're not the first to see this genial girl, but I'm glad to see one of my former colleagues put her through the emotional and psychological treatments she needs. I'd definitely say if she could last that long without eating, that she'd be able to do that.

He's his own psychiatrist. If he was in charge, he'd be setting up his own EDs. I hope he's making a baby now. He had rather high standards for her, and probably made it so she was making it only so long it wouldn't be a violence problem.

Anomalous Items Identification: SCP-040c has an instance of SCP-040b, a 2-year-old girl diagnosed with formerly untreated illnesses. SCP-040c is designed to get the ED involved in being the foundation from the beginning. She has written a special book dedicated to the ED, and is a member of MTF Pi-1. SCP-040c has been teaching in the ED for the past five years, and has held the staff position since then.

After the Slip-Up incident, SCP-040c was assigned to her by the O5 Council, and has been acting as an ED doctor for all of Dr. F█████'s past deployments. The ED of SCP-040c is known to live with SCP-040c's family in Charlotte, and can't see the outside.


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