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Item #: SCP-395

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation-patented permanent invention in the design of 4-engraved brass. Research into the long-term effects of SCP-395-A-1 is ongoing.

Description: SCP-395 is an amorphous substance present in every known human resident of the designated Physical Area of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Its anomalous effect manifests when a human character in any of the role of an author/artist runs a page of text depicting their character. This is apparently a reaction to being discovered in a subject's personal library.

Upon reading a chapter of a work and reaching the conclusion of the first ten pages, all humans will begin to read and write (see Addendum 395-1 for more information) in earnest. Additionally, they will devote the remainder of their life to the work that was previously discovered.

SCP-395 is currently contained in a permanent containment crate in Site-██, designated for collection purposes. SCP-395 was discovered, initially, in the ██████ library on ██/██/2016.

SCP-395-A-1 is a group of individuals who leases a property adjacent to SCP-395 (see Addendum 395-1 for more information) owned by ██████ ██████ Productions. All members of SCP-395-A-1 are currently found in the ██████████████ Bathroom (scp-███████ for more information). Despite the presence of SCP-395-A-1, the ██████ ███████ library and the Warden's Apothecary and Surgery Centre are generally accessible to the public.

Despite their existence, SCP-395-A-1 are not considered anomalous. Subjects who have made physical contact with SCP-395-A-1 are unable to enter or exit their own rooms or balconies. Both SCP-395-A-1 and SCP-395-A-2 have been discovered falling unconscious from ill-advised scribbling.

SCP-395-A-2 have not yet been found.

Addendum 395-1: Some level of physical contact will cause physical contact and both SCP-395-A-1 and SCP-395-A-2 will suffer a minor modification of their own body. The initial physical contact caused no immediate damage and made physical contact with SCP-395-A-1's character results in the individual seeing the work displayed in the work as they previously did, but physical contact with SCP-395-A-2 will cause the work to start to differ from the intended personality of the character.

SCP-395-A-1 is the most commonly observed variant, with only 631 of the 354 variants having at least some physical contact between them.

Addendum 395-2: In the event of a physical contact between SCP-395-A-1 and SCP-395-A-2, the individual who observes SCP-395-A-1 will suffer an extreme mental upset and pass through them, and will re-appear in the room they were in before contact. The individuals who vanish, however, will be treated as SCP-395-B-1. Symptoms of SCP-395-A-1's transition are summarized in Appendix 395-3.

Addendum 395-3: Instances of SCP-395-A-2 have not yet been identified.

SCP-395-A-2 are a collection of Eretmont-based writers, most notably SCP-395-2A. Each instance of SCP-395-A-2 is a subtler variation of SCP-395-A-1's character, with differences in personality and appearance.

SCP-395-A-2 will disappear after reading a work and re-appear in the room they were in before the first physical contact has been made.

Known SCP-395-A-2 instances:

•SCP-395-A-2-A01, a young female who was last observed in a library. She was goading a male staff member into finishing a work.

•SCP-395-A-2-A02, a young male who was last observed in a library. He was sitting in his cubicle with several other SCP-395-A-2 instances.

•SCP-395-A-2-A03, a young, grey woman who was last observed in a library. She was sitting in his cubicle with a group of SCP-395-A-2 instances.

•SCP-395-A-2-A04, a young, grey woman who was last observed in a library. She was sitting in her cubicle with 6 instances of SCP-395-A-2-A05.

•SCP-395-A-2-A06, a

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