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Item #: SCP-394

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation proxy organizations assigned to SCP-394 are to monitor headlines for reprinted articles, labeling the story "SCP-394," to avoid potential implications on the media's perception of the recovery. A list of these organizations is available for access to personnel. The establishment of the Foundation's presence in the media is to include a warning to members of Media Research and Alert Teams that their story will be featured in a story. The Foundation has provided the funding for the acquisition of the media and promotion of Foundation agents to the highest levels of the media and the containerization of media for staged events. The Foundation is to provide these Agents with basic protective gear at their table, including a personal laptop with the Foundation's transmission network and official Foundation software.

The Foundation is to operate a Foundation employee program which allows Foundation employees to work directly with the media to promote the Foundation's mission and the image of SCP-394.

Any personnel assigned to the Foundation program must be successful in their two year career with the Foundation, unlike their normal counterparts.

Following Incident Log: SCP-394-1, security procedures have been updated to prevent accidental exposure to SCP-394. The Foundation has deployed mobile personnel throughout the media to monitor the media for any other known SCP-394 articles.

Description: SCP-394 is an operation first discovered in the Media Research and Alert Team-10 ("Good and the Devil Beneath the Wheel") on 6/26/2014, wherein Foundation personnel receive stories of anomalous activity in the media, including that a Foundation agent was having an encounter with an SCP-394. Within the anomaly, Foundation personnel have reported instances of SCP-394-1 and a staff of 18. The Foundation has confirmed that a number of individual articles have also appeared in the media, but no permanent containment of SCP-394 has been established.

SCP-394-1 are Narrative sites written by SCP-394. SCP-394-1 are commonly to be retained for a period of up to 7-8 months, to prevent further exposure from SCP-394-1. SCP-394-1 have the following characteristics:

•The narrative is contained in a single SCP-394 and having no individual authors, in which a Foundation agent has become the assumed person or persona of the SCP-394-1 founding character.

•All SCP-394-1 articles are to be documented with the Foundation's total number of authors under study. This should include the existence of SCP-394-1's original author, if any.

•In the absence of specific delineation of The Foundation's structure, SCP-394-1 will simply be referred to as a Narrative site. A "Narrative site" is a site that has the Foundation's stated structure and is governed by Foundation norms.

•SCP-394-1 articles will be entitled in accordance with the Foundation's normal format regardless of SCP-394's apparent structure. Anyone who has read an SCP-394 article will recognize that as being canonically defined as being an SCP-394-1 piece.

•SCP-394 articles may only include the following:

•Main events of the SCP-394 mystery (for example an SCP-394-1 ending, a containment room, etc.), with the anomalous property that any changes in the narrative without a reason will usually be ignored.

•SCP-394-1 describing how the Foundation deals with anomalies, including how it deals with SCP-394-1-1, examples of anomalous phenomena, and how It is managed, with the knowledge that any current containment procedures are no longer applicable, and third-party narratives are allowed to prevail over the Foundation's current Foundation narrative.

•SCP-394-1's containment chamber in which pre-constructed alternate versions of Foundation-generated narratives are present.

•SCP-394-1 designations for anomalies that have previously not been featured in Foundation-produced articles. This is only to prevent members of MRA-Team-09 ("The Phantoms") from accidentally writing SCP-394 stories.

•SCP-394-1 for stories of SCP-394-2 in which an anomalous SCP has manifested that has not been featured in Foundation-produced articles.

•SCP-394-1 for stories containing origins, milestones, or some related concept predicated or building upon the storyline established in Foundation-produced articles. These stories must also be contained to the media as normal SCP articles.

SCP-394-2 are narrative journals and supplements to SCP-394, written by SCP-394-1 and SCP-394-2. These articles deal with the anomalous objects and entities that come between the Foundation and the reader (the "hosts"). SCP-394-2 are fictions that explain the end of the world, especially those that were created by SCP-394. SCP-394-2 are presented in a manner similar to that

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