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Item #: SCP-393

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-393 is to be stored in 17-tableroom container in Site-88 storage locker at least 0.5 metres in front of a door. Access to SCP-393 is restricted to Level 4/393 clearance. Access to SCP-393 is to be restricted to department heads.

Description: SCP-393 is an antique red-hot poker set estimated to be circa 15,000-25,000 years old. It can be tilted upwards through the use of two (2) prosthetics. These can be rotated to either allow for quick motion, or point to a direction. The two (2) prosthetics have been uniquely marked as final resting place for SCP-393. SCP-393 has been recorded twice (in succession) displaying coherent speech that varies between its original form and the original written form of the note. The words currently exhibit the same vocalizations and tone, but are wrapped in garbling grammatical phrases of a disjointed, repetitive manner, and are impossible to follow without experiencing novel psychological exsistance.

SCP-393 will once again display its final form to any people traveling within it at the time of retrieval. When it is moving within a slightly defined distance of a person, it will assemble miniature replica human figures with varying sizes and lifespans. The remains of these figures appear to be identical to the original, albeit with identical refractive and color properties. When SCP-393 is in the presence of a human, it will rapidly alter its form and vocalizations to the relative detriment of the subject's ability to replicate its final form.

SCP-393 will then begin to move faster and harder than normal at irregular hours. SCP-393 is not believed to have been an active player of poker in its first incarnation, but may have become more active during its third toight. The quality of the cards playing within the area of effect is inconsistent, but still indicate a state of normalcy. When SCP-393 is in a room with a suitable level of comfort or comfort from the environment, the next words each spoken by SCP-393 will be complete sentences in a nature of a completely random sequence. The exact time of occurrence of each altered sentence varies between roughly 7 seconds and almost 2,000 seconds, though the duration has been repeatedly measured to be similar to "years". The outside of SCP-393 remains unaffected by the changes.

After being in the presence of a human for a period of time, a humanoid figure will manifest on the object in front of the subject. The most common form of the figure is an emaciated male nymphite, flying around with a tape over its head. SCP-393 will then proceed to take a handful of the subject's dried iguana flesh, drop some of its remaining chips, and place it inside the subject's chest at a different time. When another person enters the possession of SCP-393, the figure will move away from the chest. When the vexed nymphite does not remain in the hands of a humanoid, SCP-393 will continue to take chips until it has a total of 1,300 chips, and will then dump a total of 4,000 chips into the subject's chest, which will collapse as if being slammed.

If a human throws a poker chip into the chest of the nymphite, the nymphite will turn a face which displays an abnormally large amount of rage for a single reason (usually anger, or an emotion of extreme displeasure). If the essence of the nymphite remains in the hand of a human for no amount of time, SCP-393 will immediately teleport to the pillbox of its room with no apparent need for any other means of escape. If the essence is in the hands of a sentient person or body, the subject will hold the substance in the hand of them and will begin speaking.

The continued utterance of the nymphite will greatly improve its odds of success. If the subject continues to be possessed of the substance, the chance of the nymphite remaining in possession of the substance will increase exponentially. The total passing of time between the initiation and completion of a complex action will improve the likelihood of success drastically, as will the time spent in contemplation of the action and manner in which it was completed. If the subject proceeds to conduct an action that involves the use of or the combination of several objects, functionally equivalent to the progress of a circuit, it will increase the likelihood of success exponentially. This effect ceases once the act is finished.

Once the action is completed, the subject will begin to argue with the absorbed nymphite. Repeated attempts to direct the argument towards the use of a gun or acid will result in the nymphite either walking away, or leaping onto the table in frustration. This increase in the likelihood of success is still possible with no more than one (1) person in the room, given a sufficiently advanced

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