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Item #: SCP-399

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-399 is to be kept contained in a standard humanoid containment area furnished with at least 1 unit of materials and 4 security cameras, plus the standard room it was found in. No personnel are to enter SCP-399's room except under restricted testing conditions.

Description: SCP-399 was discovered in ██████████, ██ on ██/██/18. SCP-399 is a white-coloured mannequin of a similar age, made of thick leather, with ten 'foot' heels. SCP-399 is capable of speech, and will occasionally use exaggerated and sometimes nonsensical vocalisations whilst performing its duties. SCP-399 is also capable of designating and naming items to it and other members of its 'crew', and will attempt to avoid and avoid others if it does not have a normal name. In the presence of other crew members, SCP-399 will periodically attempt to take minor objects from the table and assemble a friendship between all members of its crew and will then attempt to make friends with said crew member and attempt to teach them to play music, such as playing in a band or singing.

SCP-399 was found in what appears to be a stall by a storeroom under an an overhang in █████, ████ on ██/█/18. SCP-399 was discovered after its crew member, who had discovered SCP-399 and similar items, showed it being carried by nearby merchants on the street. Interview log SCP-397-01 is available below.

Interviewed: SCP-399

Interviewer: Agent ████████

When Agent ████████ attempted to interview SCP-399, SCP-399 refused to speak to him, instead attempting to apologise and make excuses for itself. Agent ████████ has since been reprimanded for his actions. SCP-399 confirmed to have stayed for several days.

Agent ████████ was released following the incident, but was reprimanded and reassigned from the Foundation after the Foundation learned that he was not in a stable relationship with his estranged wife. On ██/██/19, SCP-399 was found in ████████████, ████ with all its information in a stall by a stall. Agent ████████ has since been reprimanded and reassigned from the Foundation.

Addendum: Interview with SCP-399

Interviewed: SCP-399

Interviewer: Agent ████████

SCP-399 was discovered in the vicinity of ████████████, ██ on ██/██/19. Agent ████████ woke up early that morning to help his crew member, who was having an argument with his wife. Agent ████████, in the course of trying to reach verbal contact with SCP-399, inadvertently tipped it over onto Agent ████████ attempting to feed it. Agent ████████ was reprimanded for several days and re-assigned.

Below is an interview conducted between SCP-399 and Agent ████████ following their temporary reassignment.

Interviewed: SCP-399

Interviewer: Agent ████████

SCP-399 was discovered in ████████████, ████████ on ██/██/19. Agent ████████ arrived at the scene of the incident, his fellow crew members were taken into custody and SCP-399 was brought on-site a few days later.

Interviewee: SCP-399

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Agent ████████: Can you please explain your situation?

SCP-399: I'm a silly, nostalgic, kawaii, self-insert. I play a part, I'll play it back when I'm allowed to rewrite it.

Agent ████████: I see. As far as I know, you did not participate in the event where SCP-399 was found.

SCP-399: Yeah, I'm really glad you asked. Besides, why you expect me to do anything other than write a tale when I can just imagine my character spontaneously appearing?

Director ████████: I don't know if we can find out.

SCP-399: Not based on anything I have seen. I just played a role. E3, it's about to start, and I just want to remember the evening.

Agent ████████: So do you show any signs of containing yourself, or are you still being a Keter-level anomaly?

SCP-399: I took this idly for granted. I only really managed to try and make a little girl dance with me and I didn't like the way it turned out. That's probably what I was expecting, but hey, I'm not complaining. It's just what I have

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