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Item #: SCP-405

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-405 is to be kept on a bed in the Data Storage Facility ██-██. Additional guards are to be assigned to watch SCP-405 and any unauthorised visitors. SCP-405 is to be supervised at all times.

Description: SCP-405 is a humanoid corpse, similar to that of Caucasian American humans in its late 30s or 40s. In all other respects, it appears to be a normal human male, although no internal organs or tissue has been found. SCP-405's life force is contained in a newly-created fluid, SCP-405-1, which is described as having the characteristics of the human brain before death.

SCP-405 mainly serves as a valuable source of material for the Foundation, but also has an apparent interest in gaining access to other Foundation-owned objects. SCP-405 has informed Foundation agents that, though there is no evidence to suggest any of these objects are in Foundation custody, he considers them "essential" to its own survival. Given that SCP-405 is also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Foundation employees, while acknowledging his own responsibility for their deaths, SCP-405 is currently amenable to being transferred to other Foundation sites.

The Foundation does not currently have direct access to the external world, but it has been able to access "memories", including a number of SCP-405-1 instances. However, these objects appear to be purely memories, and therefore "memory" is par for the course.

SCP-405 apparently carries with him the memories of his life and the memories of his friends and family, although the Foundation has yet to discover, under what circumstances, these memories have been removed. See attached documentation for further details, including pertinent notes from his daily routine, on SCP-405's "self-doubt" and its "hiatus" schedule.

SCP-405's activity has been reported to the Foundation. SCP-405 has been removed from site-39 in order to avoid additional risks.

SCP-405 will refuse to leave Site-39 unless pushed or threatened with violence.

SCP-405 also seems to have a great fear of water. SCP-405 has been observed to exhibit scavvy for a significant period of time, possibly because it is accustomed to living in a swampy environment. However, SCP-405 has not yet shown signs of being able to voluntarily move in water, despite said reluctance.

The overtreatment or transfer of SCP-405 was noted as affecting SCP-405 significantly. It is believed that this happened through physical acts, apparently as intended.

The Foundation has been unable to determine if SCP-405 is aware of the human interiors of Site-39.

You have been identified as a member of the ████████ Family. For more information on this family, see attached communication logs.

[Unauthorized access to SCP-405 granted. Level 4/405 clearance or higher required to possess at least 1 instance.]

Addendum 405-01 : Interview Transcript

Interviewed: SCP-405

Interviewer: Dr. ██████████

Foreword: The interview took place in Site-39's cafeteria at approximately 03 hours on 10/25/2017. SCP-405 had been sated, and had been sitting, slumped over his desk for the past half hour. Interviewer was asked to arrive at approximately 12:30 AM.


Dr. ██████████: Good afternoon, SCP-405. I am Dr. ██████████. SCP-205. I would like to ask you, from here on out, how you are feeling?

SCP-405: (its voice is a deep, rumbling bellow, heavily accented with woodruff) I'm fine. Mostly. I just know that, at the moment, I am not doing anything that is harmful to myself. I'm going to continue, though, in that vein. Now, do you know why I'm here?

Dr. ██████████: (whispers rapidly) Please, SCP-405, do you know how to answer this question?

SCP-405: Actually, yes. I relish being here, not because I want to see how nice of a place it is here, but because I like the sounds of the breeze on the horizon. I like listening to it. (It is the most articulate answer SCP-405 has been given thus far) I also like the way the sun rises in the sky. It's a really beautiful time of year, and I don't like the way it's getting cold in the eastern half of the willow forest here, with the trees and leaves.

Dr. ██████████: (weareheldbyscrap and the air is a thick and cicadalike substance that 'guns' at personnel

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