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Item #: SCP-404

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/19██, Site-14 has been established in ███████ for the containment of SCP-404. All personnel are to check for any anomalies related to experiment 404-3-00. Any personnel under the command of Dr. Smith are authorized to take duty on 201█/██/20██.

Description: SCP-404 is an unidentified, incorporeal, military-issue firearm. Upon collection, it is loaded with an unknown number of cartridges, most of which are unloaded, with a small amount of powder inside. The name printed on a cartridge's label is "███████".

Experiment 404-3-00 has been suspended pending a full investigation against SCP-404. Prior to this, Director ████████ and Agent ██████ of Mobile Task Force-███████ were successfully terminated by SCP-404, as standard procedure for the termination of non-essential personnel handling SCP-404.

Regarding any photographs of SCP-404, as of ██/██/19██, all personnel handling SCP-404 are to observe all photographs of SCP-404 used in the field. All SCP-404 photographs shown in-off-site are to be contained on-site in a standard humanoid containment chamber.

Addendum 404-1: Sub-Level 4/04

MRI Report: On ██/██/20██, an MRI scan of Dr. ██████████ conducted by a researcher assigned to SCP-404 was conducted. Following all standard imaging protocols, SCP-404 was unable to be transferred from SCP-404 to the subject's brain. After it has been confirmed SCP-404 is capable of exiting its brain via unknown means, research staff are to classify SCP-404 as hostile.

Incident 404-4-2: In the middle of a test that was ostensibly aimed at assessing SCP-404's abilities as a weapon, SCP-404 began talking through its anomalous properties, even when placed in an empty room. A security alarm was set off before the test, and SCP-404 yelled something to the researchers. The alarm went off and SCP-404 began speaking to them again, and the security system was shut off for the remainder of the test.

Test 404-2 has been re-conducted; SCP-404 has been modified to become a sentient weapon. SCP-404 seems to recognize the results of the test as being itself hostile, including the location of SCP-404's target. It has also been modified so that it will defend itself if insulted.

If threatened, SCP-404 will attempt to become active and assault any existing Foundation personnel, but will not attempt to shoot them.

Addendum 404-2: Interview 404-12-B

Interviewid: SCP-404

Interviewed: SCP-404 (Prometheus Laboratories)

Interviewer: Agent Chappell of Mobile Task Force-███████ "Duckmen"

Foreword: SCP-404, with Agent Chappell and Agent Chappell in line to fly onto the subject's body should it be destroyed while attempting to present SCP-404 in test settings.

Chappell: So, the first thing you notice is that it's obviously a weapon. Second thing you notice is that ████████ is screaming. What the hell did you just see?

Agent Chappell: (Interruption) Good thing I am in a position to not shoot them.

Chappell: Did we just see an instance of SCP-404 launching a weapon?

Chappell: No. It was just [REDACTED].

Chappell: What was that? You need to get out of that paint.

Chappell: (Interruption) Damn it. One time, just be careful and stay out of my line of sight.

Chappell: I swear it's fire. He could have done something.

Chappell: [REDACTED] Oh, stop.

Chappell: [REDACTED] Which way is this?

Chappell: [REDACTED] Alright, this is me. [REDACTED]

Chappell: I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Chappell: [REDACTED] I am just telling you, [REDACTED] solid. [REDACTED].

Chappell: [REDACTED] Alright, try me. Tell me what you saw with all that stuff.

Chappell: (Interruption) [REDACTED] We're not in a [REDACTED] about this, we're going to get the fuck out of here. Haven't been this fuckeder since [REDACTED].

Chappell: If it's you, do something, I don't want someone else to look at us.


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