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Item #: SCP-407

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-407 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-322. SCP-407's application for indefinite transfer to Site-322 is pending approval.

Description: SCP-407 was a humanoid humanoid organism resembling an army of ants, originally from the genus Dictyostelopus, which was wearing an array of ornate armor, several weapons, and a plate-studded helmet. SCP-407 is said to be in the process of creating a "War Chest" in an area of the land adjacent to his location in the planet Mars. SCP-407 appears to be carving out a pattern of 24 concentric squares on the surface of the planet. Additionally, it has many mottled painted lines covering most of his head.

SCP-407's arm-like appendage is made up of[REDACTED] which has been preserved (presumably to help guide SCP-407's movements when not in use). Attempts to remove or demanifest SCP-407 have thus far only produced a large band of red purple paint on the surface of the planet.

SCP-407 only removes objects from the presence of another human when it is provoked. Despite disassembly and destruction, SCP-407 maintains no visible injuries.

SCP-407 is reported to have shown no real interest in destroying anything other than its "War Chest", even when it had destroyed a human being in the course of its business. Additionally, SCP-407 has been observed to be weakened should subjects become confused about his title "Third Mistress of the [REDACTED]. After all, if SCP-407 were to lose its object, it is said he would have recently joined the [REDACTED].

SCP-407 has one third of a human protein which turns its body into one third of a cube. SCP-407's body is made up of 17 elements, each one unique in that they are uniquely identifiable in one way.

SCP-407-1 is the largest anomaly of these 17 elements, making it the largest known foodstuff. It is an adamantium rod which grants SCP-407-1 a giving effect.

SCP-407-2 is a white sugar substance which grants SCP-407-1 a feeding effect (presumably if fed to a human subject). Dried berries appear to have a higher methylation content than dried fruit.

SCP-407-3 is the object of a human named "Jake" which creates a small version of SCP-407-1 just for itself whenever SCP-407 is around. SCP-407-3 is highly toxic and from the point of view of SCP-407-1, it is an organism which is identical to cancer. This leads to slight mutations due to the nature of the mutations.

SCP-407-4 is a set of stickers that sends a note or a text-message to every other human in the "[REDACTED]" universe. This is said to be an attempt by SCP-407 to speed up the development of his "War Chest". A front organization known as the "Center of Stolen Peace" has advertised the product of SCP-407's "Armored Attachment" to avoid being sated.

SCP-407-5 is the group of ant-themed symbols, some of which encircle the arms of SCP-407, which has been used to call SCP-407 "Clair" and "Sicrectum" and "Aquatic Horde". SCP-407 does not seem to care about the artifacts it possesses.

SCP-407-6 is a human who commands him to create a machine to create his "War Chest", a device which resembles a collection of multiple "War Chest" objects in a tightly-flaped hat. He uses these objects to produce a "Dictyostelopus cipher", also an artifact.

SCP-407-7 is [REDACTED] - a large, lovable and friendly robotic swarm of ant-like objects, with a black body similar to Ants (Actaeorum arachnida). It is apparently crafted in a place to launch human subjects through the air. It is 8 meters in height and is composed of ant-like arms and legs. SCP-407-7 appears to be sentient and extremely loyal to SCP-407, leading to the desire from SCP-407 to "teach" the creature to number its arms and legs for him when he is at a loss for his "War Chest".

SCP-407-8 is a large house, and is chained, to a central point which contains a series of covers of various sizes. SCP-407-8 appears to be a gem of unknown function.

SCP-407 has created some form of "Game". SCP-407 states that its game involves giving objects to other humanoids in the presence of other humans (as well as objects it claims to have

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