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Item #: SCP-408

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Six Foundation working bays are to be established within SCP-408-2 - two on each side of SCP-408-1-B. Storage rooms are to be maintained along SCP-408-2's outer perimeter of 250m by two cubicles; the room is to be monitored by Foundation personnel staffed with Level 1 security clearance. The actual location of SCP-408-1-B is to be monitored by Foundation personnel for any change in its properties; after 11/6/1999, a site security staff is to be stationed at the outer perimeter of SCP-408-2. After any changes, SCP-408-1-B is to be monitored for reversion.

Description: SCP-408 appeared to be an abandoned sign-fence. Following the first outbreak of SCP-408-1-B, Foundation personnel encountered SCP-408-1-B and were unable to terminate it. Following the first distribution of SCP-408-1-A through SCP-408-1-B, ██████ and ██████ stations and Starbucks closed indefinitely. Analysis of the contents of a breach of a major public restroom carried out by Foundation personnel has revealed that SCP-408-1-A through -E inhabited all of the furniture and appliances in the surrounding area.

Upon discovery, [REDACTED] was a large, square-shaped opening in ██████, ██████, █████████, where SCP-408-1-A through -E had occupied the building. Though SCP-408-1-A through -B had not previously been reported to have left any inactive [REDACTED], all personnel engaged in the morning storeroom were reported to report hearing SCP-408-1-A through -B speaking in the direction of the building, as though they were adjacent to it.

Upon SCP-408-1-A through -B describing the object, all personnel wearing Level 2 security clearance's security clearance sources attempting to enter the building were unable to. Meanwhile, a mobile Task Force [REDACTED] was dispatched at Site-███, as described in Addendum 408-A. In the course of a standard routine screening process for potential SCP-408-1-A through -B instances, the "attack team" arrived at the site with Level 3 security clearance's clearance level 2 alert and positioned themselves at SCP-408-1-A through -B. Their designated task was to "halt" SCP-408-1-A through -B, which was to be kept in separate cells.

After SCP-408-1-A through -B had been restrained, [REDACTED] was reported to have entered the building without incident. SCP-408 was further sealed with water in the event of any breach between SCP-408-1-5 and SCP-408-1-A through -B.

Addendum 408-A.

List of SCP-408-1-A through -B's items:

•SCP-408-1 through -C:

Item #: SCP-408-1-B

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-408-1 through -B is to be accessed and monitored by four Foundation personnel with Level 2 Security Clearance. The interior of SCP-408-1 and SCP-408-1-B is to be kept lit with Stage 2 and Level 3 Level 4 lighting. Foundation personnel are to come to Task Force-███ and set up a hot zone between SCP-408-1 and SCP-408-1-B; this zone is to be maintained at constant temperature and humidity levels of 20 to 30, while SCP-408-1 through -B is kept at a constant temperature and humidity of 35 to 50, and is to be monitored by a team of five Foundation personnel with Level 3 Security Clearance. At random intervals, Foundation personnel and personnel within SCP-408-1 are to be provided with oxygen and hydration.

Description: SCP-408-1 through -B is a closed portal where respectively all 50 and 50% of all objects within a 1500m radius of SCP-408-1 are to be held. While the entrance to SCP-408-1 is shut off during this period, SCP-408-1's original location is still not known, as it will appear to generate a large number of objects. While the exact mechanism of SCP-408-1's effects is still unknown, research is currently ongoing.

The portal opens upon any item in it, and upon entering it, any items within a 1500m range are to be removed, with all objects within its duration being removed with no observable side effects.

Research is ongoing.

Addendum 408-B.

List of SCP-408-1-A through -B's items:

•SCP-408-1 through

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